Kindergarten News

Reddekopp April 18

The Little Red Hen

The kids did such a great job on their musical. I'm always amazed how Mr. Carney can take 4 classes of 5/6 year olds and end up with such cute programs. The kids were so excited to perform for you. Thank you for helping the children with their costumes. They looked great!!

Oviparous Animals

Did your child come home this week and ask if you knew what oviparous means? We've been reading books about oviparous animals--animals that lay or hatch from eggs. They also made a project where we had to guess what oviparous animal was in their egg. The word "oviparous" has been one of our favorite words this week. We've read both fiction and nonfiction books about oviparous animals.

Writer's Workshop

We're working on opinion/persuasive writings and focusing on adding reasons for our opinions. One story we read for Writer's Workshop was, Ain't Gonna Paint No More. The little girl's mom takes her paints away because she painted all over the house and on herself. Together we brainstormed reasons the little girl could give her mom to convince her that she should get her paints back. The children then went off on their own and wrote their letter. One idea you could do at home is if your child is wanting something special or wanting to be able to do something special, have them write you a letter and see if they can convince you that they should get it or be able to do something they're requesting. We'll continue emphasizing adding at least 4 reasons to their opinion papers. We're also focusing a lot on forming letters correctly, starting sentences with a capital letter and ending with punctuation.


Mon: Book orders are going home.

Tues/Thurs: P.E. --don't forget tennis shoes

Wed: Library--don't forget your library book

Fri: See Saw book orders are due. If you need an extra day or two, just let me know, otherwise, I'll order the books during the weekend.