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Technology Lesson Ideas

Okay. The CIR work is all about rigor and relevance, so I was thinking about how technology could help with that aspect of your proposed lesson.

To increase relevance for the kids, your groups of four could share out their new civilization values on a Padlet wall post with an attached image that symbolized the most important value. You could have the Padlet wall projected while the kids were posting, so that the lesson wrap-up would be a whole-class debrief of all the groups' posts on the Padlet wall.

I also thought you could increase the relevance (and possibly engagement) by using tech in the introduction to the lesson. If you wanted to get the kids into the mind-set of post-apocalyptic civilization re-building, you could show a short video clip from a number of films.

And, ultimately, all lessons should be about the objective, and technology should be used only when it enhances the learning for students. If none of these work for what you want students to learn, no worries. I also included some things I found on-line that might help some students understand the idea of cultural values better. The pdf charts in the linked lessons could be tweaked by you to provide a scaffold for kids who might struggle with identifying the types of things that would be society values.

If you want my help on anything, just let me know. I'd be glad to help in any way.

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