Digital Footprint

By:Chris Rojas

What is you Digtial Footprint? and Why is it important?

A Digital Footprint is what you are know for online. If someone were looking you up that would be your footprint by what you do online. For example any type of social media.

3 examples of a Digital Footprint

My Social Media

Why a Digital Footprint can be Helpful

  • It can show another side of you.
  • For example if your a kind person or if you like to do volunteer work.
  • Another example if your trustworthy because if a job is looking you up they can tell if you will be on time.

Why a Digital Footprint can be Harmful

  • Can show a side that you might not want other people to see.
  • It can affect a job interview because job's now in days look at your social media accounts.

To improve you Digital Footprint

  1. Posting positive things
  2. Post something that you will be okay to say in real life
  3. Don't post something that you wouldn't want someone to see
  4. Post something that can make you look like a good person

The Most Important Thing I Learned This Semester?

  1. Don't post anything that you would't want your mom to see.
  2. Post Smart
  3. Don't follow someone that is a bad influence