1A Classroom Update 9

February 12, 2016

Welcome February!

February is finally here! We hope you are all keeping warm and enjoying some of the snow the winter has provided. We sure know the kids love it! 1A has definitely welcomed February with open arms. We have started new units and have conducted some awesome experiments. Here is this week’s update.

1A Classroom Updates!



We have kicked off this month by introducing our nonfiction unit. During Reader’s Workshop our 1A friends have been exploring and reading nonfiction books. We have delved into the unit by comparing Fiction Books to Nonfiction Books. Our 1A friends were able to make a list to identify what special features we may find in a nonfiction book and how it makes it different than a fiction. At this time, our friends were given pictures of different book covers and were able to sort them under the correct genre. In these past weeks, our friends have also learned how to put identify what can be a nonfiction topic and how some topics are part of a greater category. For example, a topic is snow leopards but category is cats or, even more general, animals. In the next coming weeks, our friends will look into Nonfiction text features and how they help the reader. At home, practice reading some nonfiction books and have your child identify some of the text features they notice and how did it help them learn more about the given topic.


In writing, our 1A friends began to learn how writers create ideas for different topics to write about. Our friends focused on what nonfiction books can be about and how the authors that write them need to be experts about their topic. Our objective was to have them begin to think about themselves as an expert on a topic. Some of our friends mentioned how they are experts at “being a sister, dancing, cooking, and taking care of animals.” When our 1A friends return, they will begin to brainstorm ideas on topics they feel they are experts in and begin the process of writing their All About Books. We are so excited to see what our creative minds come up with. At home, start discussing different topics your child may be an expert on. It can be from taking care of a younger sibling to taking good care of a pet or even making cookies!


We have been having so much fun in math these last two weeks! 1A has been hard at work, continuing our investigation into working with groups of tens in our math equations. We learned that all two-digit numbers can be broken down into a ten and “some ones.” Our friends have also been working on showing our two-digit numbers in Base-ten form, using pictures to represent our numerals. We have been learning that our number sentences can be reworked into a second number sentence, while still coming out to the same answer (8+5=13 is the same as 10+3=13). We are excited to mention how we just delved into our unit on measurement! We have been using different objects as our units of measurement when measuring objects around the classroom. We have learned that there are several rules that must be obtained when measuring an object. Our mathematicians learned how we must always measure tip-to-tip, measure with no gaps, and there can be no overlapping.


In Inquiry, our 1A scientists have been continuing their investigation with the 3 states of matter. We have delved further into the reasons why solids are firm while gases take up space. Our discussion of atoms even lead to questions about the Big Bang! We had fun performing the 1A "Fireworks" experiment, where food coloring was put into water and oil and we all sat back and watched the special effects. During our experiments, we have been pushing our scholars to take on the role of a real scientist, making a hypothesis on what will happen. Then recording their conclusions, and determining what factors and steps they would change for the next time. We are looking forward to further investigating the 3 states of matter!

Reminders - Parent Notes

BPCS Spring Gala and Auction, March 12, 2016

Save the date of March 12, 2016 for Our School’s Biggest Annual Fundraiser —our Spring Gala & Auction. This year’s event will pay tribute to BPCS’s first graduating class of seniors, so we hope to have great turnout! In addition to supporting the Gala with your attendance, we are seeking volunteers to help plan as well as on the night of the event. Here are some of the things that you can do: solicit auction items, help with auction website and promotion, organize volunteers, help decide the menu, procure dessert donations, and more. You can sign up here or email auction@brooklynprospect.org to get involved — a little or a lot. We would love to have your help!

Class Start Time

A friendly reminder that we start class promptly at 8:30 in order to fit the many fun activities we have into our day. One of which is Morning Meeting where each student is greeted, participates in an activity or game, and we set goals for our day. Our doors open at 8:10 so we invite you to join us as early as then, especially if your child eats breakfast with us.

Backpack Books Home Program

The “Backpack Books” Home Program will begin today! Your child will select one book on Friday to put in their yellow Take Home Folder. This book will give your child another opportunity to engage with a text at their independent reading level. Please have them read this book to you at least two times before returning it on Wednesday. For your child to receive a new book, they must bring back the previous one.

“Backpack Books” Home Program Schedule

Friday: Book goes home.

Sat - Tuesday: Child reads at least two times.

Wednesday: Book is returned.

Friday: New book goes home if previous book was returned.

We thank you in advance for your support in helping us to ensure that these books are returned each Wednesday.

1A At Their First Townhall Meeting!

Big image

Our First Townhall Meeting!

This year some of our amazing teachers have come together to create our first townhall meeting! Here is where all grades, teachers, staff, and faculty come together to discuss important school events. Before the townhall meeting, students from all grades were asked to think of any questions they would love to ask any school member. Some of the questions included "Why do we have to come to school?" and "How was the school made?" One of the important announcements made was that our school will be participating in the Math Olympics and we will be working together to solve 1 million math problems! Our mathematicians are excited and ready to take on this challenge!

Physical Education Update from Coach M!

Our Winter Olympics Unit is in full swing! We have learned sports that take place in the olympics and we are practicing them in our gymnasium (modified of course) since we do not have a real ice skating rink and bobsled course available :)

We have learned about Curling, Bobsled & Skeleton and Cross country skiing!

Check out these future Olympians in action!

As a Physical Education treat we had a special furry guest visit us.

Meet Tucker Marsigliano!!! A miniature golden doodle new to the Marsigliano family and is four months old. Tucker came this past Wednesday to PHYS ED.

"I needed a bath after that fun school day "- Tucker

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A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

Our first grade Scientists are learning all about how to use lab equipment like vials, pipettes, and trays! Because they’re also learning about matter through their Inquiry time, Science is a time to get technical and get our hands dirty as we explore chemistry concepts with hand-on activities. For example, students have learned about the difference between a mixture and a solution, which aligns to their conceptual understanding of physical versus chemical changes, respectively (mixtures can be separated / physical changes are temporary and reversible; solutions and chemical changes both produce permanent, irreversible results) by mixing oil and water and then watching the liquids separate. Working with these lab materials and studying these concepts has been fun, messy, and hands-on.

Reminder! Follow Ms. Rosabal on Instagram @rosabal_the_science_pal for more regular, up-to-the-minute reporting on what’s happening in the Science / Art Studio Lab.

First Grade Artists Rock Their Collages!

First graders have been working really hard on building team spirit! After looking at the work of David Park (San Francisco Figurative Painter from the 50’s), 1B Artists created their own portraits. They mixed paint to create colors close to their unique flesh tones which they then shared with each other — to collage self portrait collages. Please check out their work on display on the eighth floor. Beneath their portraits, you can see what they like about their work as well as things they could improve next time!

Happy Vacation! Take some time to draw, paint, and maybe visit a museum! Your student will love it!

Happy Vacation from Mr. Padilla