Design Cycle

Technology Design Cycle by Grade 7

What is MYP Design Cycle?

The MYP design cycle is a system that will help you do your work by following certain steps. The system is useful and easy to understand because it guides you through the steps of how to do your project. The Design cycle starts with an INVESTIGATION and follows with PLAN/DESIGN, CREATE and then EVALUATE.

Investigation Stage

The investigation requires adescription of the problem and an explanation on why the problem is important.The student must also relate the problem to their own life, to society and toone or more areas of interaction (A.O.I.'s). In addition to this, students willwant to generate a couple of questions to guide them through theirinvestigation. Surveys and questionnaires should be conducted and the responsesand feedback gathered should be analyzed. A design brief and a designspecification are also required. In the design brief, the student explains whathe or she is going to do to solve the problem. In the specification, one shouldwrite the essential and desirable characteristics they want their end productto have. The student should also have some tests written down (these will testthe product against the specification). Research should be conducted and thesources should be documented.