The first transcontinental railroad

By: Emily

What I'm here for!

I am here to teach you about the first transcontinental railroad! Sounds complicated, doesn't it. It might be complicated to spell, but it's meaning is very simple. A transcontinental railroad is a train that travels across the country. The first

transcontinental railroad helped people travel across the country without having to use wagons or boats, which could be dangerous.

Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder, was the first transcontinental railroad important when it was built? I think the first transcontinental railroad was very important at the time it was built because the California gold rush was going on at the time it was built, the Civil War happened after it was built and many important people and things had something to do with the transcontinental railroad.

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I'm glad you came to my station. I hope you learned something about the first transcontinental railroad!