Book Review

The Child Called It

Kaitlin Donahoo

The Child Called It

By: Dave Pelzer


A Child Called 'It' is a real life story about a boy who was brutally beaten and starved by his mentally disturbed and alcoholic mother. At first, David Pelzer lived a healthy and normal life with his parents and brothers. His mother, however, unexpectedly transformed into a horrifying monster, venting her anger on her helpless child. David was submerged in freezing cold water, forced to eat his own vomit, slept in the basement under the stairs, stabbed, and forced to sit on a lit stove. These are just a few of the torturous games that his mother used to play. She treated him not like her son, but like an "it". David suffered both mental and physical abuse. In order to survive from his mother's nasty games, David used willpower. Through all of her torturous games, David's inner strength began to emerge. After a few years or so his teachers started to realize what was happening. The teachers called CPS and they helped Dave get out of his mothers house, and into a loving foster home. Dave grew up to be an amazing author and an amazing inspiration!!

What I liked and didn't like about The Child Called It.

I liked the fact that is was so interesting and once I started reading it I couldn't stop!!

I liked the fact that after Dave went through that he could still tell his story to the thousands of people that read his book.

There wasn't one thing that I didn't like about the book!

I would recomend The Child Called It and any other book by Dave Pelzer to everyone over the age of 13.