Crazy mom


My moms name is Lora Dunn and she likes to hang out with her freind named krista. She has 3 kids. She has 1boy and 2 girls. She has really ugly shoes called crocks. She doesn't like to spent time with us because we are annoying. She likes to spend a lot of time with her freind krista and go to the gym. The only reason they are freinds is because of me. I started to hang out with her freinds son and then they started to talk.

Don't take life for granted

Don't waste time

When you are a kid make sure you do not waste time because in a blink of an eye you will be 30 and want to be a kid again and you will want to go back.I miss my grandpa he died when I was 32 and now I'm 38

Roman Dunn

Block 3-4