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Seniors & Senior Parents - Please Check the Senior Newsletter for Updates Just for YOU!

TUESDAY: Special Final Exam Schedule, Green & Gold Spirit Day and Pursuit of Excellence Night!


Tuesday, February 23rd

  • 7:30 Period 0A Class Time
  • 8:00-10:25 PERIOD 1 FINAL (Both Cohorts simultaneously)
  • 12:35-3:00 PERIOD 2 FINAL (Both Cohorts simultaneously)
  • 3:10 Period 7B Class Time


FEB 23 The Pursuit of Excellence/Open House 6-8 pm

FEB 23 Wear Green & Gold Spirit Day

FEB 24 District Parent Webinar on Vaping 6:30-7:30 pm (flyer at bottom)

FEB 26 Freshman Class Group Video Game Night 6:30-7:30 pm

MAR 29 - APR 5 No School

MAY 31 No School

JUN 1 Senior Awards Night (Invitation Only)

JUN 3 Graduation

JUN 4 Last Day of School

To Access the Pursuit of Excellence Night on Tuesday, Click on the Image Below

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This Week's Fundraisers

FEB 22-MAR 19 Sees Candy Online Sales (Leadership)

FEB 23 Makenna Koffee - all day (Athletic Trainers)

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Our RHS Counselors are here as always to support you during this challenging year. CLICK BELOW to learn about how to schedule time with your counselor and to learn the availability for one-on-one sessions with our counseling staff. This link also includes the upcoming calendar for Course Registration for 2021-2022.



Online tutoring is available through Royal High's Center for Academic Success for Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Earth Science, and Biology. Zoom sessions are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:00-10:00 am and 1:00-2:00 pm. National Honor Society upperclassmen tutors are on-hand during these sessions. For questions, email Mr. Dobson.

Sign up here. The official tutoring link will be emailed to you before your session. All sessions will be monitored and supervised by an adult staff member (admin, librarian, or teacher).

Tutoring for other subjects not offered at the CAS can also be available on an individual, as-needed basis. For specific subjects, contact our NHS advisor Mrs. Sciarillo to connect with our NHS tutors.

CLICK HERE to visit our Academics Homepage

CLICK HERE TO visit our Counseling Department Homepage


We are proud of our students embarking on the quest to "make the world just a little bit better" through their self-designed initiatives as part of the CSI Diploma Seal Program. Once their project is approved and they have submitted their "Event/Fundraiser" form to secure the date for their project, we will list it here as an upcoming event so that we can better support these worthy endeavors. For more information on the CSI program, click here.

MAR 1-5 Femme4STEM virtual webinars 5:00pm-6:30pm (Riya Manimaran & Cailah Lim)

MAR 8-11 Project Alice (Raquel Kanalz)

MAR 20 Painting the Blues Away (Sam Norton, Liam Dew, & Bailey Harper)

MAR 28 RHS Blood Drive @ Dutton Plumbing Conference Room (Arianna Elliott-Spooner)

APR 7 Jars of Kindness (Sarah Barnes & Amanda Florian)

APR 12 Brace for It (Ashtyn Parkinson, Braedon Wooton, & Tanner Petty)

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A big "Thank You" to our photography students in Mr. Maye's class for providing us with this entertaining parody of great works.

2021 Photography Parody


CONGRATULATIONS to our Athletes who have signed to play at the next level! (Stay tuned for more additions)...

Ava Romerosa accepted a scholarship to play Soccer at Trinity College, Connecticut

Jane Hoover accepted a softball scholarship to Georgia Gwinnett College, Georgia

Luke Piazza accepted a baseball & academic scholarship to UC Davis, California

Katja Osteen accepted a wrestling scholarship to Simon Fraser University, Canada

Lauren Petrarca accepted a scholarship to play Lacrosse at Allegheny College, Pennsylvania

Breana Hamilton accepted a scholarship to play Volleyball at Casper College, Wyoming

Hailey Gregory accepted a scholarship to play Softball at La Sierra University, California

Ashly Torres accepted a scholarship to play Soccer at CSU Northridge, California

Haley Cole accepted a scholarship to play Soccer at Rensselaer Polytech, New York

Ariel Schatzky accepted a scholarship to play Water Polo at Azusa Pacific, California

Allison Ha accepted a scholarship to play Softball at Princeton University, New Jersey

Athletes: Please notify the athletics office when you make a formal acceptance to play at the collegiate level. We need to know the school and sport you will be playing as well as the type of scholarship in order to include you in our media release.

Unfortunately, due to COVID Restrictions and the need to keep our athletes & coaches safe, we encourage you to cheer for our athletes from home through social media posts.


FEB 23 Girls Tennis v. Simi Valley

MAR 1 Boys Tennis v. Simi Valley

MAR 4 Cross Country League Meet

MAR 9 Girls Tennis v. Moorpark

MAR 18 Boys Tennis v. Moorpark

NOW-May 30 CPR Masks (Athletic Trainer Fundraiser)

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MAR 1-6 Double Good Popcorn Online Sales (Leadership)

MAR 6 French Club Movie Night

MAR 17 Shamrock Shakes Spirit Day

APR 9 Sunglasses Spirit Day

APR 26 Donut Day

May 5 Teacher Appreciation Spirit Day

NOW-MAY - NetFlix Party - Key Club (3rd Friday of Every Month)

NOV-MAY - Flocking (Junior Class)

MAY 19 Art Night (Sophomore Class Activity)

May 21 Music Spirit Day

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We are ordering a smaller amount of yearbooks than in the past. Make sure you reserve your copy on Jostens' website. Take advantage of their payment plan and rest assured that you will receive your Senior yearbook!

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Access Senior Information HERE in the Senior Smore. This will be updated regularly as information becomes available.

Join our Facebook group to stay in the know!

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Highlander Supply Co.

Are you looking for some Royal gear? Each week we will feature the deal of the week, and you can shop online (or shop in person) during ASB office hours. Normal business hours are: M-F 8:00-3:30 (closed 1:00-2:00). Come in the stadium gate by the gym. A mask must be worn and social distancing maintained.

This week's special: A Free "R" Key Chain with any purchase. This key chain makes a great gift - perhaps even tuck it into an Easter Egg or save for a graduation gift! Visit the webstore or come to the ASB during business hours today.

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Check back for updates...

MAR 3 Sharkey's (Leadership)

MAR 8 MOD Restaurant - all day (Band)

MAR 15 Makenna Koffee - all day (French Club)

APR 12-23 Krispy Kreme Donut Sales (Delivery APR 26) (ASB)

MAY 11 Sharkey's (ASB)

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SENIORS: Join your class of 2021 CCC Google Classroom to see what you need to do each month towards graduation. Follow @TheRoyalCCC on Instagram.

JUNIORS: Nervous about college yet? Do you need to take the SAT/ACT?

Join your class of 2022 CCC Google Classroom to see which colleges are coming to Royal. Attend the college visits and find out how your Junior year will affect your college applications.

Follow @TheRoyalCCC on Instagram.

Sophomores and Freshmen: You may think college is far away but it's closer than you think. Make sure you are on your 2023 and 2024 CCC Google Classroom for updates on taking the PSAT, attend the College Visits coming to Royal, and make sure your classes in high school line up with college applications.

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Royal aims to provide insight into unique college options for students & families. Our source is the Fiske Guide to Colleges 2020 - an annual comprehensive catalog of diverse universities here in California and nationwide.

Wabash College

Click here for Admissions Info

Click here for Tuition & Financial Aid Info

Enrollment: 864

Acceptance Rate: 63%

DETAILS: Wabash was founded in Indiana in 1832 by transplanted Ivy Leaguers who shared the Enlightenment’s optimistic view of human nature and envisioned a “classical and English high school rising into a college as soon as the wants of the country demand.” Their vision proved to be on target. All-male Wabash has not only prospered but also remained true to its conservative academic and social traditions, including the Gentleman’s Rule code of self-responsibility that students continue to live by. “Wabash College has a culture that has not changed for 50 years. It can be a hard school to fit into if you do not meet the status quo, but it also is a brotherhood,” says a junior.

The Wabash educational program has certainly proved itself over the years. This small college has amassed an impressive list of alumni: executives of major corporations, doctors, lawyers, and a large number of Ph.D.s. Wabash alumni are typically faithful to their school in the form of generous donations. On a per-capita basis, the school’s $355 million endowment makes it one of the wealthiest in the nation. This financial security enables Wabash to refuse any federal aid, with the exception of Pell Grants, which go directly to students; of the most recent freshman class, 23 percent qualify.

General education requirements include courses from a wide variety of fields—natural and behavioral sciences, literature and fine arts, mathematics, language studies, and a course on cultures and traditions. All freshmen take a tutorial in the fall that is designed to focus them on reading, writing, and class participation, followed by a colloquium titled Enduring Questions in the spring. All seniors complete comprehensive examinations in their final semester, consisting of two days of written exams in their major and an hour-long oral exam on their overall liberal arts experience.

WC Student Perspective: “The workload is tough, but anywhere you look you can find help. The resources at this college are endless."


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