by the big yap clan

by Jaden Yap

Eisenhower changed the world. When he was only 19 he got into west point. He was also promoted to 5 star general in only 5 months after being promoted to 4 star general . Even when his son died he never gave up in life, that proves he is not a person to sit in the past. He was even the commander of operation overlord. He was the most liked man in his time!


He was very accomplished in his early life. He was a very loved in his childhood which let him develop into a strong smart man. When he was a teen he became a sports champ. later on when he gets into west point he joins the army football team. When he is only 18 he gets into west point with the help of his uncle [ a lawyer] and he trains to become a colonel.


When he graduated from west point he trained tank crews [ he never had been in a tank] during ww1. He was promoted to brigadier general and went to train new infantry units. Soon he was promoted to clonal general and was sent to help troops in Europe during ww2. He quickly became general of the army in only 5 months and invaded Europe to win ww2.


Soon he was elected for president and led the us through the korean war. When he was in his second term he signed the civil rights bill. He also got rid of the senater McCarthy which attacked people that had ties to the ussr. He also made most of the decisions of the Korean war. He was the most liked president in his time.

Eisenhower changed the world. In 1954 he signed the civil rights bill. Soon he after his second term he deiced to retire at the age of 67. He was one of the most liked men of his time. He died a very very happy man at age 93. Eisenhower was in total one of the greatest men in in his time.
Eisenhower WRC-TV 1958 (oldest known colour videotaping)