By Patrick & JR

Henry Hudson

I am a Ductch explore and I have sailed the seas for all my life which makes me a very experienced sailor and I am very prepared for every possible outcome. I have yet to fail or not make it back from a voyage. I am very good at navigating the seas and I have been doing it since I was a little kid. All of my past crew members have been very satisfied with my knowledge of my boat and the sea. Also I am a very trustworthy person that you can count on getting you back to your family.


  • When and where we are leaving from?

We will be leaving from Europe on May, 1, 1607

  • When will we be returning?
March 15, 1608

  • What is the destination?
Finding a shorter route to Asia

  • Things that we might encounter on our voyage
On our voyage if you choose to join.We might encounter some pirates, we will discover many new valuable goods and riches. We will being doing very adventurous things like explore unknown terrain, going off into the sea for months on end and much more daring stuff we might face.
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My mapped out route

This is the route that we will be planning to take on our voyage.
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My ship

This is the ship that we will be taking on our voyage.