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By Justin Chen, Nikitha Vicas, Lindsey Park

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Why Ben and Jerry's is for You- Lindsey

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You'll Enjoy Every Part of it!

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream has a great variety because we have so many flavors! We know that you'll find one that will fit for you. (Circular Reasoning)

Everyone knows we're the best

The flavors that you get to experience are truly the best, and everyone who has tried it will agree. If you've never eaten Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, you'll never know what true flavor is, so then your opinions will never be trusted, and you'll be shunned by society.

(Slippery Slope)

Therefore, you can either eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream, or you can be in depression for the rest of your life. (False Dilemma)


Ben and Jerry’s ranks in the top 5 worldwide in ice cream production and consumption, and it’s not for no reason. This exemplary brand has launched a plethora of flavors (including everything ranging from “Vanilla” to “Bohemian Raspberry”) and has a larger variety of tastes than any other ice cream brand. Simply put, Ben and Jerry’s is like Harvard- both are by far the best of their kind. And yet it would be ridiculous to pick a community college over Harvard- so picking any other ice cream over Ben and Jerry’s is equally ridiculous. (Faulty Analogy)

Ben and Jerry's is Good for You

No one in the world will question the joy they experience when eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream. On top of the amazing taste, one of the biggest things that separates Ben and Jerry’s from every other prestigious ice cream brand is the fact that there are no GMO’s or artificial flavors that can harm anyone’s health. Ben and Jerry's is healthy! Just look at Blue Bell's bacterial infection. (Red Herring)


Ben & Jerry's commercial
(Ad Populum)

Choose Ben and Jerry's. Fit in with the rest of the world.

Everyone eats Ben and Jerry's and you should too. With locations around the world, and hundreds of flavors, you won't find anyone who's tried Ben and Jerry's and doesn't like it.

Join the millions of people in the world who get happiness from every taste of Ben and Jerry's ice cream!

Even Celebrities

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Emma Watson, "Ben and Jerry's has the greatest flavors." (False Authority)


Our purpose is to entice buyers and increase popularity of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. We are particularly targeting teenagers through the great variety of flavors and their wanting to be a part of the large society of Ben and Jerry's lovers. We would also like to convince their parents, the actual buyers, by showing them that Ben and Jerry's is better than any other brand, in health and variety.


Why Ben and Jerry's is for You

We target the teenage audience for this section because of both their attraction to ice cream, as well as the "mission" that most teenagers have of wanting to fit in with the rest of society in some way or another. We used circular reasoning by saying that "Ben and Jerry's has a great variety because it has so many flavors". By mentioning all the different flavors that Ben and Jerry's has while also showing colorful, bright pictures that send off a welcoming and happy vibe, we aim to attract the teenagers. Using slippery slope and false dilemma gives the audience a sense of need to eat Ben and Jerry's in order to have a happy life, especially by stating outcomes that are overly negative and, although not necessarily true, can lead the audience the believe that this ice cream will help them improve their social stance.


Why Ben and Jerry's is Better Than Others

Though our particular target audience is teenagers, we understand that the parents of these teenagers will be the ones purchasing the ice cream. Obviously, a big factor for parents in buying food is the health factor, which is why we made sure to include that in this section. By stating and showing that there are no damaging artificial flavors or GMOs, parents will feel safer about buying Ben and Jerry’s. The use of faulty analogy (comparing Ben and Jerry’s to Harvard and other ice cream brands to community colleges) is clearly a stretch, but it shows that Ben and Jerry’s is the best and something that teens should want to eat. Additionally, red herring (claiming Ben and Jerry’s is healthy because of Blue Bell’s bacterial problems) is used, as Blue Bell’s bacterial problems really don’t have anything to do with Ben and Jerry’s. From this, parents will understand that even though no ice cream is “healthy" for your body, Ben and Jerry’s is a good choice because it will not bring about any kind of bacterial infestation.

In the title, we used moral equivalence, which is clear because the severity of killing a child is far, far worse than wasting ice cream. Though these two should not even be compared, the target audience will be intrigued enough to buy Ben and Jerry’s and see what the fuss is about.


Ben and Jerry's is Everyone's Favorite

We are targeting teenagers in particular because they have the longing to fit in with their friends and idols. Saying that Ben and Jerry's is "everyone's favorite" incites that longing and builds their interest. The advertisement showing all the cows, farm animals, people, and photographers gathering around the Ben and Jerry's ice cream uses ad populum; everyone is gathering to see the great ice cream, so it only makes sense to be a part of it too. This calls out to teenagers and their want to fit in with their friends. Furthermore, the use of false authority, "Emma Watson,'Ben and Jerry's has the greatest flavors,'" pictures the famous celebrity as a big supporter of the brand. Although this is misleading because Emma Watson doesn't know best about which flavors are best, it uses a popular figure as a symbol of Ben and Jerry's and also entices the teenagers to be like her by buying Ben and Jerry's.