It's a Minnesota Thing.

By Noah Skramstad


  • start June,14-28 in the BWCA
  • June 29 take bus to Mora, MN
  • June 29-July 5 in Mora, MN
  • July 6-7 at the pool

The Great Outdoors

BWCA is a beautiful place to go in the great outdoors where people of all ages will have a life changing and bonding experience with friends or family backpacking, canoeing, and rock climbing in the Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoeing Area

A Home Away from Home

In Mora, MN there are many things to do such as Hunting, Fishing, dirt-biking, and other winter actives like snowboarding or skiing. Mora is a beautiful town with lush forest and clear lakes, and in town every "Ma and Pa" restaurant you see is full of nice and happy people.

The Place to Be

In Richfield, MN there is a public pool; In the pool they have TWO water slides, a deep end with TWO diving boards and a drop-slide, and for the little kids there is a shallow area that has water-jets coming from the ground and a water play ground. Clearly a family fun place to be.


Amazing Time


When I was on this trip with my wife and three kids we had a great time going to these three places my personal favorite was being at the pool were they had not one but TWO water slides and TWO diving boards. Next year we plan on going again.