MRE Update

March 2019

Dates to remember

Mar 13 - 4th Grade field trip, rescheduled date, for O’Riorden / Willard’s classes

Mar 13 - Yankee Candle Fundraiser begins (info will be coming home next week)

Mar 15 - Early Release, 12:15 PM Dismissal - Lunch will be served including 1/2 day K class

Mar 15 - Parent / Teacher Conferences, Day 2

Mar 20 - MRE School Council, 4:00 PM

Mar 21 - Family Literacy Night, details to follow ~ Snow date Mar. 28th
Mar 21 - Schoolwide PJ Day in honor of Family Literacy Night (no slippers please)

Mar 27 - MRE presents at School Committee Meeting
Mar 27 -
Yankee Candle Fundraiser closes

Mar 28
- PTO Enrichment Event: 3rd Grade students Meet Mary Rowlandson

Mar 30
- PTO Auction

Specialist News for March

Health, Mrs. Fredette

Kindergarten – How can I keep a healthy body? Moving our bodies for fun.
Grade 1 – How can I keep a healthy body? Fitness fun and the body basics.

Grade 2 – How can I keep a healthy body? Fitness and the body basics. Creating a fun fitness plan.

Grade 3 – Advertising techniques and analyzing influences around magazine ads

Grade 4 – Advertising techniques and analyzing influences around magazine ads

Grade 5 – Decision making and refusal skills around peer pressure

Music, Mr. Rossley & Miss Belhumeur

Mr. Rossley's classes


  • Echo Singing while passing ball
  • Echo/begin reading simple duple rhythms
  • Action Song "I'm Gonna Tell"
  • "Old King Glory" singing/action game
  • Dr. Seuss "Foot Book" - sing words to tune of "Twinkle Twinkle"

Grade 1

  • Student-led echo singing while passing ball
  • Action Song - "The Unicorn Song" Chorus/Verse recognition
  • Decoding/Writing duple rhythms - wrapping up
  • Introduction to 3 pitches - do, re, and mi - echo/copy
  • "Heel and Toe" - Movement/Dance

Grade 3

  • Echo duple rhythms on song flute
  • Reinforce vocabulary - whole, half, quarter notes and their values
  • Continue Note reading in treble clef/combine with rhythmic values
  • Song Flute goal songs - "Willy the Whale", "Au Claire de le Lune"

Grade 4

  • Continue Recording "Livin' in the Moment"
  • Wrap up composition unit, how music notes move (step, skip, leap, repeat) - Plickers online assessment
  • Begin new Unit - The Science of Sound

Grade 5

  • Rhythm of Silence Game - echo rhythms in duple/triple meter
  • Continue Garage Band projects, introducing new vocabulary of fade, pan, balance

Miss Behlumeur's class (2nd grade)

  • New folk song & dance! "Charlie's Neat" is FIVE verses - Ask your 2nd grader how much they can remember!
  • Writing macro & basic micro beats in complex ("triple") meter - Golden certificates are being earned by individuals for their writing abilities these next two letter day cycles.
  • Vocal technique work with songs such as "Little Red Caboose" & "Oh Dear!"
  • "Mi / Fa" harmony on ukulele to accompany the song "Little Red Caboose"

Library, Mrs. Ogborn

  • Kindergarten will read and discuss different versions of stone soup stories. Sharing and interacting with our friends and neighbors can enrich our lives.

  • Grade 1 is reading Caldecott Medal winner books. The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton won the award over 70 years ago but the story and illustrations are still enjoyed by children who sympathize with the once loved, but now neglected, little house as a city grows up around her.

  • Grade 2 will conclude our biography study. This month we will read about Wilma Rudolph, an athlete who overcame poverty, racism, and polio to win three Olympic medals in 1960. Grade 2 students also continue to identify parts of a book.

  • Grade 3 is reading about Hercules & his 12 labors and Cupid & Psyche who must also overcome great trials. These stories spark interest in mythology. Students are also introduced to the Dewey Decimal System for non-fiction books.

  • Grade 4 is enjoying The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. What are the stories that these 14 drawing represent? Students are encouraged to make up their own tales to explain the mysterious pictures. Students also are reviewing non-fiction text terms.

  • Grade 5 is reading poems about our presidents. The President is Stuck in the Bathtub is a clever and humorous look at our leaders. Students also review finding books by call number after performing an on-line search.

Art, Mrs. Korn

Kindergarten & 1st Grade have continued working on folding, cutting and symmetry by creating symmetrical creatures. We learned about form by making balls and coils our of model magic. Then we made the balls and coils into our choice of forms exercising our decision making.

Grades 2 & 3 have continued working on our collages and finishing self portraits. You can see some of our collages and self portraits displayed in the foyer.

Grades 4 & 5 have continued to work on our narratives. Most of us are painting our pictures now, using our knowledge of color mixing and color theory.

Technology, Mrs. Akdikemen

Kindergarten has been spending much of their time learning to use their computer logins. This month we will be doing a combination of computer and Ipad creative work.

Grade 1: completed their instrument project in Seesaw and also worked on a 100 emojis for 100th day (this is also in Seesaw). They will continue working with Seesaw and also with Osmo (Tangrams and Words).

Grade 2: has been completing their work on their Ocean and Continent Booklet in Wixie. These booklets will be posted in Seesaw. They also created a project using several Ipad apps, Draw and Tell HD, Chatterpix and Seesaw. They made a picture of themselves at 100 years old in Draw and Tell HD. They brought that picture into Chatterpix where they could animate their mouths and record their voices saying what they still liked at 100 and what was different in the world. They also tried to sound like they were 100 years old! They then took their finished product and posted it in Seesaw. They are increasingly becoming more independent with both work on computers and Ipads. Hope you get a chance to check them out.

Grade 3: has continued working with Dash Robot and we just added Osmo Programing. Students are working in groups to solve increasingly more difficult programming challenges. They have been doing an awesome job. We have just begun starting to prepare for MCAS by going through the TESTNAV Tutorial.

Grade 4: has continued to work on their Story, Game, Greeting Card or Nonfiction Piece Scratch programming projects. They have also begun preparing for online MCAS by going through the TESTNAV Tutorial.

Grade 5: is continuing to create their slideshows and reflection of the Drone project. We are hoping to complete this work over the next several weeks and move into exploring coding we the Lego Wedo systems.

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School Links, NRSD Events & Camps

Annual Yankee Candle Fundraiser

This week we will be kicking off our Annual Yankee Candle Fundraiser to raise money that will go directly toward student activities.

  • Teachers will be sending home order packets throughout the week. Everything you need to participate in the fundraiser is included in each packet.
  • The fundraiser officially starts on Wednesday, March 13th and orders must be turned in by Wednesday, March 27th. You may also place orders online.
Lots of great information is included in your fundraising packet. Participation in the fundraiser is voluntary.
Thank you for your help!

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