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Practical Tips for an Awesome Selfie

Practical Tips for an Awesome Selfie

After the advent of the Internet several social media platforms came into existence like Facebook, twitter, and many more. From celebrities like Kim K to a common man like me, people like sharing pictures on a regular basis. Social media platforms have provided user friendly tools to remain in touch with your family and friends. According a study conducted by Yahoo states that around 800 billion photos were taken in 2014.

Technology allows us to take awesome selfies by using our smart phones or on selfie camera stick. If you want to know how to take an awesome selfie, then read on the complete blog.

You Have to Look Good

If you are just getting out of bed or feeling sleepy, then this is not the right time to take a selfie. Although, you are not using this picture as a formal one,still you should try to look good. Comb your hair, put on some make-up if you need it. Check your picture right after taking it and in case you didn’t find it up to the mark, you always have a choice to take another one.

Think About the Background

You may have seen that people don’t consider the background while taking a selfie. This is a mistake which may spoil their picture. When you are taking the picture in your home or anywhere, you must check the background for empty bottles, a messy room or anything, which is not good. You have to check what is behind you before clicking. A good background will make your day if you are posting it on social media. You will get an unbelievable number of likes which you have never anticipated. Check your background for old textures and solid colors. Remember, you are using a background, so don’t get lost in it.


Without proper lighting, your picture will look dull. So make it sure that you use the natural lights and avoid harsh lighting, as this may leave shadows on your face or in the background. So if you are taking the picture inside a house, stand near the window or open your door to ensure you have the adequate amount of lighting. Try clicking a few pictures outdoors on an overcast day with a selfie stick, the clouds will work as diffuser, this will make your features softer and appealing.