Warrior Science Newsletter

Mrs. Ellingson

Earth Science

This week Earth Science students started talking about our solar system. We will continue to work our way outward until we have covered the entire universe. They started the chapter by creating a scale model of the solar system using Play-doh.


Biology students are growing bacteria this week. Each group chose four objects somewhere in the school to swab. Many of the students are starting to see significant bacteria, mold, and yeast on their plates.


Chemistry students have finished up acids and bases and are moving on to thermochemistry. Thermochemistry studies how heat(energy) is transferred in chemical reactions and physical changes.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology students finished up their chapter on the Lymphatic System today. Throughout the chapter they spent a lot of time learning about different illnesses and diseases. They will be finishing up the year with the Reproductive System.


Physics students are working on optics. One of their topics this week was refraction. Refraction refers to how light bends when it passes from one substance into another. They also started studying mirrors and how they reflect light. Next week they will be investigating how lenses change the path of light rays.

Important Dates

May 23 - Seniors' Last Day

May 24 - Senior Community Service Day

May 25 - Graduation Practice

May 28 - Graduation

May 29 - No School - Memorial Day

May 31-June 2 - Semester Tests

June 2 - Last day of school

Student Council and Class Officers

Early next week we will be announcing next year's Student Body President and Student Council.

Class Officer forms are due on Monday, and they will be announced early the following week.