WHPE April Update

Nutrition Smackdown!

Did you know you can quickly compare the nutrition facts for a huge variety of foods simply by typing "compare X to X". For example, compare "jicama and carrots" will give you the nutritional comparison pictured here. You can also change the serving size and method of preparation (boiled, poached etc) to suit your needs. A quick and easy way for students to access nutritional information for basic foods, plus the search will also offer up some recipe ideas for the foods you have entered in. Anyone for Carrot and Jicama salad?

Teacher Hacks - the little stuff that goes a long way!

We all have our own tips and tricks to entice learning , add a new twist to an activity, or help organize equipment. With Teacher Hacks I hope to share some of the things WHPE members are doing with their classes. Please email me if you have any you would like to share.

Check out this month's featured Teacher Hacks below!

Sneak teach a dance!

Teach your students a dance without them knowing it. Here's how:
  • Everyone needs a partner - this will be their grapevine partner. Practice a grapevine with your partner
  • Find a new partner. This will be their heel tap partner. Practice 2 heel taps on each foot
  • Find a new partner. This will be their lasso partner. Lasso with your left hand and right hand
  • Find a new partner. This will be their high 5 partner. High 5 left 2x and right 2x
  • Find a new partner. This will be their whoop it up partner. Put right arm up in air and spin in a circle (for break in song)
  • Get students into lines and perform these moves as a line dance to 5, 6, 7, 8 by Steps (available on iTunes)
Thanks to Lisa Kloke, 2013 Northwest District High School TOY for this idea.

No Flags, no problem!

Here's a cheap option to flags - tulle. Buy a roll of tulle and cut it into equal strips for a quick & easy alternative way to play all types of flag and tag games.

Another option? Use plastic bags tucked in at the hips for plastic bag tags

Monthly Challenge: Activity A-Z

It's time to get creative with activity with The A-Z Activity Challenge Complete a minimum of 1 activity for each letter of the alphabet this month - be creative in your choices.. crawl under something for letter U, make a zig-zag course to ride your bike around for letter Z. You could even challenge yourself to complete the entire alphabet in one day.

For this challenge and more visit: http://fitnesschallenges.wikispaces.com/.

Need an App Update?

Whether you've just got an iPad or have had one for some time this comprehensive list is a great way to see if there are any apps you have missed out on or simply forgotten about. You can view the list here. My personal favourite - http://www.charitymiles.org/ - turn your exercise into a fundraiser for charity!

Professional Development Opportunities!

1. Emogene Nelson Physical Education workshop @UWRF

  • April 25th 2014
  • Early registration is due by April 11th
  • View the workshop flyer here
2. Best Practices in Physical Education and Health workshop 2014 @UWSP

  • Pre-conference July 22nd
  • Symposium July 23-24th
  • View the save the date card here

Save the date: 2014 WHPE Convention

Wednesday, Oct. 29th, 5:30pm to Friday, Oct. 31st, 3pm

Kalahari Dr

Baraboo, WI

Mark your calendars now - the 2014 WHPE convention is back in the Wisconsin Dells at the Kalahari Waterpark and Resort.

Convention registration prices will remain the same as this year and the WHPE convention is a great way to meet all of your professional development (and educator effectiveness) needs in one go. So get planning, save the date, and we look forward to seeing you there!