Lauren s.


All ants start from eggs. The eggs are very tiny. The queen ant can lay thousands of eggs every day. The eggs can be laid in different places.The eggs will eventually grow into larvae. Larvae are totally dependent on the queen and worker ants to feed and take care of them.The next stage is called pupa. The plural form of the word pupa is pupae. As the larvae continues to grow it will molt, or shed its skin, to adapt to its larger body.and the last stage is adult.


Some ants eat food from people.Leaf cutter ants eat leafs.Most of their food ways more than they do.They are attracted to sweet foods.They eat pollen from plants.They eat other insects.Some eat plants.They pretty much eat anything that is edible to them.


Ants have an exoskeleton.Ants are very small.All ants have six legs.Only some ants have stingers.They have a head, thorax and abdomen.The queen ant and the male ant have wings.They have all have a antennae.They use their antennae for feeling and smelling.


When the babies hatch out of their cocoon they become worker ants.The worker ants have to take care of the babies.When they are done with their life cycle they hatch out of a cocoon.The worker ants have to help them hatch out of the cocoon when their ready. They are different in every stage.They are in their stages for a long time.When they hatch out of their cocoon they don't look like an adult right away.The babies are protected by the nest and the worker ants.


Some fly to get away from their enimies.They live in peoples houses.They hibernate in the winter.They alert other ants so they can come kill their enemy.They live in small places Some ants have stingers to protect themselves.They in live in burrows in the ground.They live in nests.They bite their enimies.