Green Alternatives For Laundry Room

By: Riley Unruh

Choosing a washer and dryer?

Choosing between a top or front load washer? They both have an effect on the use of water. The top loader washer works by filling with water, then the clothes are spun. A front loader spin back and forth and use less water, heat, detergent. The front loaders are efficient at spinning out any excess water out the clothes, which in return is less time spent on one load of laundry. Both top and front load washers have been rated as energy efficient.

How to minimize energy with your current washer?

  • Always wash a full load
  • Use Eco friendly detergent
  • Make sure the temps are set at warm or cold with a cold rinse
  • Use renewable energy source

Eco Dryers?

Your dyer is one the most energy using appliance. Don't fret, they're are ways to use less energy when using your dryer.

  • Use a moisture sensor on your dryer, which will automatically turn off your machine when your clothes are dry
  • If possible choose high speed, if your able to adjust the spin settings, this helps reduce the amount of moisture
  • Line dry, when possible

Eco Friendly Flooring Options

Installations of new carpet and flooring can fill the air with volatile organic compounds. Carpets are most times treated with toxic chemicals for moth proofing or repel against soil moisture. There are many other options Eco friendly and safer for you, that are able to reduce indoor pollution and health problems that are caused my nasty carpets.

If your experiencing health problems caused by your carpet, a cheap and efficient way to change to an Eco friendly carpet is to try a non-toxic,green carpet finish like SafeChoice or Carpet Seal. These help prevent chemicals from coming up from the carpet. Also look out for carpets that are made from natural fibers and or with little chemical treatment. Padding is another part of your carpet that can be changed, When choosing a carpet to see if they don't require any additional padding, or use padding made from recycled materials.

Some different flooring options include:

  • Hardwood Floors:3
  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Tile or Linoleum

eco-friendly laundry baskets

When choosing a laundry basket most people tend to choose the cheap plastic ones but there are alternatives that are healthier for the environment.when looking to purchase a laundry basket look to see what they're made of see if they're made with any natural materials.such as grass,bamboo,or wood.Buying an eco-friendly laundry basket can get pricey so when choosing to buy a new laundry basket there are all alternatives to buy a cheaper one. buying an plastic laundry basket can be eco-friendly, just make sure to look at the label to see what its made of or if has an eco-friendly the label on it.