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April 3, 2019


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What is an emotional bank account?

What is an emotional bank account? Dr. Stephen R. Covey, the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families®, defines an emotional bank account as one’s relationship with another. He explains the concept of an emotional bank account with a metaphor: “By proactively doing things that build trust in a relationship, one makes ‘deposits.’ Conversely, by reactively doing things that decrease trust, one makes ‘withdrawals.’ The current ‘balance’ in the emotional bank account, will determine how well two people can communicate and problem-solve together.” If you are struggling to communicate with your child you may need to ask yourself, “Do I need to make more deposits?”

When an emotional bank account has more deposits then withdrawals the people involved in that relationship will trust each other. Ridvan Foxhall Occupational Therapist and Educator states, “One of the key foundations of a strong relationship is trust. In order to build trust, one must continually make deposits of honesty, kindness, unconditional love, patience, all of those essential virtues that strengthen any relationship. In doing so, we build large reserves in the emotional bank account.”

Parents will make mistakes and will make withdrawals from their child’s emotional bank account. Understanding the difference between the deposits and withdrawals will help parents to build a large reserve of deposits in their children’s emotional bank account.

What are common withdrawals?

  • Checking your phone when your child is speaking to you
  • Nagging
  • Yelling or screaming at your child
  • Criticizing them
  • Being sarcastic
  • Talking about them negatively to others
  • Interrupting them when they are speaking to you

When we realize that we are making these withdrawals, we need to quickly apologize and stop making these withdrawals. We need to replace the withdrawals with deposits.

Ideas for making deposits in your child’s emotional bank account

  • Apologize when you make a mistake
  • Really listen- no interrupting or looking at your phone
  • Spend time with them- play a game or cook with them
  • Greet them as they come home
  • Notice what they are doing
  • Attend their activities
  • Be kind and patient
  • When children make a mistake, be compassionate and help them to solve their own problem
  • Laugh with them
  • Spend one on one time with them
  • Keep your promises
  • Relationships take time and lots of love.

Families can learn how to make deposits in each other’s accounts. As the deposits increase, the challenges your family may have had in the past will now become opportunities to build trust. Communication will improve in homes when children feel that their opinion is valued. The home is a place where children learn relationship skills that will help them through adulthood. Parents can affect future generations by modeling kindness to others and contributing to healthy relationships.

March 29, 2018 | Susan Wilson

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Families of fourth grade students will be invited to join your child for lunch in May/June

(Date TBA)!

This will be a special time for you to each lunch with your child and reflect on the time spent at Weaverville Elementary. More information coming home soon!

Parent Surveys and Feedback

We take our parent surveys and feedback very seriously at Weaverville Elementary. This is a way for us to continue to grow and provide the best educational experience for our students!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Leadership Day survey and our Title 1 Parent Engagement Survey. Here are some areas mentioned for improvement or suggestions to which I wanted to respond.

Leadership Day:

  • Parking Concerns. Response: Parking has always been an issue at our school. Since we started Leadership Day, we dreamed of having shuttles available but we have never been able to make that happen until this year. Officer Ray was able to coordinate the shuttle service for us and this addition had rave reviews. We hope to continue that in the future. Since we want our event to be authentic and not a 'performance' we have refrained from hosting individual grade level Leadership Days. This may be something we consider in the future though.
  • The performances on the gym floor can't be seen. Response: Great feedback. We need to look into how to change this for next year!
  • Still having issues with the sound system. Response: We are continuously working on our sound system. It was thoroughly checked out the week prior by our county Technology Department and it was working fine. The students practiced several times using the microphones. We will still continue to work on this.
  • Concerns regarding the gender makeup of our performance groups in the gym. Response: Our Student Clubs - both during the day and afterschool are chosen by students. The Cheer Club is a club that meets during the day and all students had the opportunity to sign up. These students wanted to share what they have been learning in their club and we felt like they deserved that opportunity even if no boys had signed up for the club. Our other groups that performed were all made up of boys and girls. The Hip Hop Hawks Club is a dance group that meets after school and includes boys and girls. They are working on getting performance ready to share so stay tuned!
  • Loved the dark lighting in the gym... people were quieter. Response: While the dim lighting does help set the tone, it is harder to take quality pictures so we were worried about that.
  • Loved the WAX Museum! Response: We wanted all students to have an even bigger role this year and we wanted everything to feel connected with our Leadership Superpower theme without overwhelming students and staff. We felt like the student ownership of the reports and pride in the event was increased this year. Our students really did SHINE!

Title 1 Parent Engagement Survey Results:

  • 86.5% of parents were familiar with the Title 1 Leadership Home-School compact. We realized that we need to do a better job of giving compacts to our newly enrolled students.
  • Most of those who responded indicated that our "Leaders Achieve" time was the most valuable in helping our students be successful. Other high ranking items included: STEM Lab, The Leader in Me Initiative, 1:1 Devices, and Imagine Learning.
  • Parents shared that they would like to see more enrichment activities in math and creative writing.
  • When asked about which types of communication is best, the responses were phone calls, newsletters, texts and fliers.
  • When asked about the best time for parent workshops, it was mixed between morning, afternoon and evening. We have offered events at each of these times this year!
  • Most parents feel that events should last less than 1 hour.
  • 77% of those surveyed feel that they have opportunities to provide input into making school decisions.

Thank you for participating in these surveys. Our various school teams compiled this data and refer to it when making plans for the future so we really appreciate your time! Check out the next section to learn about another survey that we would LOVE for you to participate in!

The Leader in Me Measurable Results Assessment (MRA) Survey

You are being asked to complete this survey as part of an annual assessment to help all members of the school community (students, parents, and the adults who work at the school) understand how everyone feels about your child’s school. As you respond to each item, focus on your thoughts and feelings based on your own personal experience with the school, as well as your perceptions of your child's experience as a student.

There are no right or wrong answers— this is not a test! We just want to know how you feel. Your responses will provide us with important information to help your child’s school become even better. All of your responses are completely anonymous. No one from the school will ever see your answers, and no identifying information (such as name, child’s name or survey ID) will be recorded with your answers. All results will be reported to your school only in terms of how each population responded. Individual responses are never seen by your school. The survey should take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Please try to respond to all items.

kindergarten enrollment dates:

April 3- TC Roberson

April 11- Reynolds

April 12- Emma, Johnson and West Buncombe

April 26- Enka

April 29- Leicester and Woodfin

May 3- North Buncombe and Owen

Thank you to PTO for painting exciting games on our playground!


Please mark your calendar for Weaverville Schools Family Fun Game Night on Thursday, April 25th. We will have a free game night from 6-7 PM on the Weaverville Elementary Campus. All WvES and WPS certified staff members are expected to participate. We will have the premiere of the WvES Film & Drama Club's movie, CUBES, at 7:00 PM in the gym!

Students must be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times.

Students/adults may NOT prop a door open to visit the playground. If you leave the building, please re-enter using the front door.

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Upcoming Events

April 3 - WIG Out Wednesday - ask your child about his/her goals

April 4 - PTO Meeting at 8:00 AM in WvES Media Center - note change of date!

April 5 - 4th Grade ELA Check-In

April 5 - Report Cards Go Home

April 8 - 4th Grade Math Check-In

April 9 - 3rd Grade Math Check-In

April 10 - WIG Out Wednesday - ask your child about his/her goals

April 10 - 4th Grade HAWK Achievement Awards at 8 AM in classrooms

April 10 - 4th Grade Growth and Development Classes

April 11 - WPS Leadership Day

April 12 - 3rd Grade Battle of the Books

April 12 - 2nd Grade HAWK Achievement Awards at 8 AM in classrooms

April 12 - 3rd Grade HAWK Achievement Awards at 1:30 PM in classrooms

April 15 - 19 - Spring Break

April 22 - NWR Counselor - Mrs. Jamerson to visit 4th grade classes

April 24 - WIG Out Wednesday - ask your child about his/her goals

April 25 - Weaverville Family Fun Night - 6-7 PM on Weaverville Elementary Campus (joint event with Weaverville Primary School)

April 26 - Elementary Math Competition at County Office

May 1 - WIG Out Wednesday - ask your child about his/her goals

May 2 - 4th Grade visits to tour North Windy Ridge - 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM

May 2 - 4th Grade Parent Night at North Windy Ridge - 6:00 PM

May 3 - Weaverville Elementary Field Day (rain date May 24)

May 4 - BCS Celebrate STEM Day at Nesbitt Discovery Academy

May 6 - Spring Pictures

May 10 - 4th Grade Field Trip

May 17 - Weaverville Schools PTO Spring Fling!

May 20 - May 24 - BOGO Book Fair!

May 22 - Senior Walk - times will be shared later

May 23 - Rising 2nd graders visit our school in the AM; Second Grade Transition Night at 6 PM

May 29 and 30 - EOG Testing

June 11 - Last Day of School - Early Dismissal Day!

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