Flaa's Monday Memo

September 11, 2017

Great Things I Noticed Last Week!

  • Students learning Spanish through music. Singing "Cups" in Spanish was fun but challenging for this Sanger girl!
  • Students learning through relationship. Our relationships are a fundamental source of learning. If you want to see how to build relationships with students stop by Coach Syke's Indian Academy class.
A day without laughter is a day wasted ~Charlie Chaplin

If you missed the faculty meeting check this out! It was fun sharing a Coke & a Smile with YOU!

Nuts & Bolts

  • ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT PERIOD - Take attendance before any student leaves your room. We WILL maintain accurate attendance records.

  • DATA MONDAY - Be prepared to attend our first Data Monday meeting in the conference room during your conference period. You will need to have your CFA Data Analysis form filled out and ready to share.

  • LOCKDOWN DRILL - Please read through the difference between a Lockdown and a Soft Lockdown. During a Lockdown doors must remained locked, door glass covered, lights off, blinds shut, and students seated in corner of room.

  • SISD Compliance videos MUST be completed before September 15th. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Many voicemails are still not changed. If you need assistance please ask.

  • T-TESS Goal Setting and Part I MUST be completed by September 29th. You must submit one educational goal and one technology goal.

Upcoming Events

September 11
  • Data Monday
  • Tutoring Math/Science
  • Board Meeting @ 6pm

September 12

  • Tutoring English/SS
  • Junior Ring Meeting in auditorium @ 9:09am

September 13

  • Tutoring Math/Science

September 14

  • Tutoring English/SS
  • 9th & JV Football vs Krum @ SHS, 5pm

September 15

  • Volleyball vs Celina @ Celina, 4:30pm
  • V Football vs Krum @ Krum, 7:30pm

September 16

  • XC @ University of North Texas
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