Oregon Trail Journal

My journal for the Oregon Trail

Day 1

I am the oldest sibling, 17 years old.My parents are all dead. I am going to Oregon on the Oregon trail with my siblings: Sophia, my 11 year old sister; Logan Chan, my 14 year old brother; Nequisha von Qui Qui, my 12 year old sister; David Sutherland, my 8 year old brother; Kevin Chon, my 7 year old brother; and Lafonda my 5 year old sister.

Our first day on the trail was pretty easy. That is, until we ran into the Missouri River. Half of my wagon train decided to ford the river. I decided to play it safe and take the ferry. After crossing the river we reach our first frontier fate.

I didn't have any water and my train had to slow down so that I could find some water. A few of the people in my train decide to try hunting. A few of them get some meat. I have more than enough food and I decide not to hunt.

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Halvorson, Gary, Oregon State Archives. Covered Wagon. N.d. File:Covered Wagon (Baker County, Oregon Scenic Images) (bakDA0009a).jpg. Web. 11 Mar. 2015.

Day 2

My wagon train and I are traveling along when we are approached by an Indian Tribe leader. He says that we must compete in a test of intelligence. I place 3rd in 4 people in this test. He rewards us all with a it of food and ammunition for our guns. People also fill up their water barrels.

One of the horses from the other wagon gets spooked by a snake and gets bit. It makes it through alright, but the wagon tips and one of the children from the other wagon falls out of the wagon and is run over. He gets killed. The Dip family also successfully gives birth to another baby.

We have to cross another river, and everyone in our train decides to ford the river. Some of the people in my train also try hunting. I decide not to hunt, but the others in my train get some food.

Our train also gets to a fork in the road. We decide to take the burial ground trail instead of the Cheyenne River trail.

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Unknown. Conestoga Wagon on Oregon Trail. N.d. National Archives and Records Administration, NARA's Central Plains Region (Kansas City) (NREA), 400 West Pershing Road, Kansas City, MO, 64108. File:Conestoga Wagon on Oregon Trail - NARA - 286055.jpg. Web. 11 Mar. 2015.

Day 3

As we travel along the trail, our train is confronted by Indians. They say that if we keep going forward, we will be going onto sacred burial grounds and we will be killed. Our wagon train does not care and decides to keep going forward on the massacre trail.

We are traveling along the trail until we are spontaneously attacked by Native Americans. We circle up the wagons as fast as we can but we do not leave the battle unscathed. Stefan and Ryan both got shot in the arm. Fortunately, the wounds are not fatal and they will not die. Unfortunately, they will be unable to use their arms for a short amount of time.

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Bierstadt, Albert. Emigrants Crossing the Plains, or The Oregon Trail. N.d. Butler Institute of American Art. File:Emigrants Crossing the Plains, or The Oregon Trail (Albert Bierstadt), 1869.jpg. Web. 11 Mar. 2015.

Day 4

We are nearing the end of our journey! We are now confronted by 4 choices; to rush the snow pass, send scouts to snow pass, go back to paradise settlement, or camp out in a canyon. Our train decides to rush the snow pass.

The snow arrives earlier than we expected, and we are trapped. All of the other wagons are out of food. Cannibalism is everywhere. We were so close... so close..