Hurried Child Syndrome

Spencer Daines

What is The Hurried Child Syndrome

A condition in which parents over-schedule their children's lives, push them hard for academic success, and expect them to behave and react as miniature adults

Prevention Avoid scheduling activities every day, so kids have some time to read, play, do homework, etc. It is recommended that a child should have no more than two extracurricular activities per week

The Price of Hurrying Children

In 1981 Dr. David Elkind wrote the book "The Hurried Child." When he wrote this book no one took him seriously and everyone just threw out the idea that parents and other adults were hurrying their kids too much. In the last couple years however more and more people are writing articles and books about the hurried child syndrome. He pointed this out a couple of decades ago, but people are just making sense of it now. He points out that hurrying children has been around for decades, and we need to focus their lives and learning habits on what interests them. Parents are trying to plan out their childs whole life regardless of what the child wants. No parent, teacher, or any authority figure believes in hurrying children but yet it still happens everyday.


Most common disturbances in adolescents today?

-Kids feel neglected and unparented they lose their childhood and get depressed

How does the unparenting feeling show up?

-Kids that do not want to deal with adults flat out depression

How do they suffer from stress?

-Same as adults they get headaches bellyaches, eating disorders, you name it

How does hurrying a child cause problems?

-They feel as if it is their way of being heard and getting payback

Who do they blame?


Are Parents rushing their kids even more than the last couple of years?

Yes they are , it seems to be getting worse every single year

Consequneces of HCS

-Alchohol and drug use among adolescents

-teenage pregnancy

-crime in or out of school

-Perhaps even suicide

-Many kids have to become medicated

Is it getting worse

The perfect childhood is in the past. Times have changed, and kids are being raised much differently. Back in the day kids minded their manners and were just simply good kids. Now parents want the very best for their child so they try to make sure their child does a little bit of everything. This leads to over scheduling the child and in essence overwhelming the child. As a result their are more teenage pregnancies, depressed children, and even teen suicide is at an all time high. Now kids are beginning to grow up faster than they should.

Is it all bad

Not all cases end badly. In fact in some cases the child lives a very happy successful life. Kids are becoming a lot smarter as a result of hurried child syndrome. They learn more at a younger age and retain it for a long time. The kids that have the same goals as their parents have for them turn out very successful. This is because they spend their whole life learning what the want to do.

Personal connection

In class we watched the movie Dead Poets Society which really showed us what The Hurried Child Syndrome was. In the movie Neil Perry is a boy that wants to be an actor and be in the school play. However his dad wants him to be a doctor and will not allow this. When his dad finds out he did the play behind his back his dad wants to send him to boarding school. He does not like this idea and decided he had enough. He felt trapped within himself and felt he had no other choice but to kill himself. In my life however I feel as if I am not hurried my parents have raised me to speak my mind and do what makes me happy. Their only rule is that if I start something I must finish it. I think all parents should do this because no one should be forced to do something they don't want to do.

Information for you to take home

Never ever force your child to do something they do not want to do, to an extent that is. What I mean is don't plan their life for them and try to make them grow up faster than they should. if you push your child to far it could end up tragic. In worst case scenario you could force them into suicide. Do not be afraid to tell your child no. It will make them respect you.