Doby's Bridge Elementary News

January 8, 2021

Principal's Message

Good Afternoon Doby's Bridge Families,

It's been great having our students back in-person and virtually after the holiday break! The start of a new year brings a sense of renewal and a time to set goals or continue with goals from the prior year. One of our school goals continues to be ensuring that all of our students have a safe, caring environment in which they are able to grow and develop academically and socially. We look forward to continuing to partner with our families to reach these goals for our students.

In this week's newsletter you'll find information regarding:

  • Related Arts News
  • Spirit Day
  • Yearbook Order
  • December Dragon Students of the Month

As always, if I can be of any assistance to you or if you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Building the Bridge Together,

Amanda Kubbs


What's Happening in the ARTS?

ART- Mrs. Orlick

5th Grade students will be learning about Ancient Egypt. They have created their own Cartouche (name plate) using hieroglyphics from ancient times. Now they are exploring ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, which will aid them in their endeavor to create their own 3D Egyptian Death Mask.

4th Grade students will study the artist Pablo Picasso and his Cubist style of painting. They will draw a self-portrait and divide it into geometric shapes. Then students will use a Monochromatic (tints and shades of one color) color scheme to paint the angular shapes.

3rd Grade students will learn about Fauvism. The term “les Fauves” or “the wild beasts” was first used in the early 1900s to describe a group of painters that used bright, bold and strong colors instead of representational or realistic ones. The students will use the Contour Line (a never ending line) method to draw an animal of their choice. Then they will use oil pastels to color their animal with the bright and bold colors of the Fauve artists.

2nd Grade students will be learning about weaving and the beautiful Kente Cloth from Africa. They will design and create their own weavings with yarn.

1st Grade students are currently learning how to use shapes to draw a self-portrait. They are currently using watercolors to complete their work.

Kindergarten students are learning about the book Giraffes Can’t Dance. This book demonstrates how to use diagonal and curved lines to create movement in a work of art. students will learn how to create animals showing movement by using curved and diagonal lines.

Guidance- Mrs. Seborowski

During the month of January, K-5 students will be discussing the Circle of Control. Students will understand what falls within their control and what falls outside, and how we can build flexibility and resilience when things happen that are outside of our control.

MUSIC- Mrs. Albertson

Happy New Year and Welcome Back Dragons! Although music literacy is woven into so many of our activities, January is when we will turn extra attention on music reading! Through stories games, instrument use and interactive activities each grade will have some specific music reading goals. Fourth and Fifth grade will be reading all the notes on the treble staff. Second and Third will focus reading on ‘C position’ or the 5 note scale (C-D-E-F-G)

I am very excited that our Virtual students in grades 3-5 will all get to learn how to play the recorder. Learning the soprano recorder is a great way for students to learn how to read music and apply those skills by playing an instrument and producing their own melodies. I can’t wait to hear them play!

PHYSICAL EDUCATION- Coach Liebler & Coach Starnes

  • Welcome back from maternity leave Coach Starnes! We are so appreciative of our long-term substitute teacher Ms. Carpin!

  • We are excited to continue our fun PE activities wherever we may be. Students should be prepared for class in the gym, cafeteria, classroom, or outside!

TECHNOLOGY- Mrs. Shaffer

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    • Kindergarten and 1st Grade will review Seesaw tools with fun New Year’s and MLK Jr. activities. They will also work on graphing activities.
    • 2nd Grade will participate in a “Five Little Snow People” Digital Escape Room. They will improve their presentation skills by creating a Google Slideshow. They will also work on representing data as a graph.
    • 3rd Grade will participate in a “Finding Frosty” Digital Escape Room. They will begin the process of organizing their Google Drive and will also learn more about how technology has improved the way we live, work, and communicate.
    • 4th Grade will participate in a “Winter is Snow Fun” Digital Escape Room. They will work on organizing their Google Drive and will also learn more about how to evaluate websites for credibility.
    • 5th Grade will participate in a “Snowman Party” Digital Escape Room. They will work on organizing their Google Drive and will also learn more about how to evaluate websites for credibility.
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Spirit Day

Next Monday, January 11, will be Spirit Day! Students may wear DBES, their future middle or high school, or favorite college school colors. Let's show how bright our futures are!
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Yearbook Orders

Yearbooks for the 20-21 School Year are now on Sale on Pay Fees for your student through March 23, 2021. Hard Cover copies are $31 and Soft Cover are $26. You can access your student’s Pay Fees account on the school website at, along with information in the banner at the top of the website on how your student can enter to have their drawing on the cover of the Yearbook. Please contact Sara McCart at if you have any questions.

Congratulations To our December Dragons of the Month!

The following students were selected by their classmates as Dragon Students of the month for showing the character trait of Gratefulness:

Weston Swerdzewski, Harper Scorsone, Mia Milam, Harper Thomas, Parker Ross, Huntley Thomas, Isabella DePaola, Ethan Carricato, Kody Fu, Madison Howard, Amelia Breland, Eyla Boston, Kase Tyler, Eva Beder, Brianna Chavez, Owen Grahl, Eden Reynolds, Sarvani Chiruvolu, Kinley Habe, Kim Phan, Nirvaan Sawhney, Olivia Burton, Jake Fiaschetti, Lincoln Smith, Gabriel Gerardo , Andrew Solnick, Akshatta Vijay Kumar, Gillian Dixon, Owen Grill, Braelyn Habe, Emma Russell, Andrea Gonzalez, Kaden Ussery, Alan Morales, Anthony Stoerkel-Brown

Congratulations Students!

In-Person Dragons of the Month

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FMVA Dragons of the Month

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Return to School Plan

Please click the link below to access Fort Mill School District's Return to School Plan. This link will provide up to date district information regarding in-person learning as well as information for the Fort Mill Virtual Academy.
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