George Washington

By Megan Strobel


George Washington was the first president of the United States. He was also a general in the revolutionary war. He really loved his family, so when the revolutionary war was all over, he was very happy to go home.


On the night George was born, a woman was visiting and got struck by lightning. George was treated very harshly by his mother. He was taught by his father and half-brother. My half-brother was his favorite sibling because he was very nice to George Washington. George's half-brother allowed him to stay with him when their father died because his brother felt bad for him.

Why He is Famous

He is famous because he was voted by almost the whole entire colony to become the very first president of the United States of America. He was also famous for being an excellent general in the army. In the army, George fought with his troops, so he could fight for independence too.


George was very happy to go home when the war for independence was all over. All he wanted to do was see his wife and children again. He had not seen them since the war started. He also wanted to go fox hunting and have fun with friends and family.


I learned it was like when George Washington was in the revolutionary war. I also learned how hard it was to be in the revolutionary war. I also learned that George Washington was a never a general before in his life at all, so he did not really know what to do when he was general. But soon General Washington got the hang of it.
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This is a drawing of what George Washington looks like

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This is what the revolutionary war looked like

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This is George Washington riding in his boat during the revolutionary war

George Washington - Mini Biography