for sale- model T ford, 1908

price: 825$- Jordan Lowe

the model T is available for sale now

this is the first automobile in the world. created by Henry ford. ten thousand sold already you can be riding in style in the model T now for 850 dollars. the ford was founded on June 16, 1908. by Henry ford. almost every american can buy it.
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the model t is the first car in the world for a surprising price of 850 dollars. buy one now so you wont have to ware out your horse to get to the market again. plus you get to save food because you wont have to feed your as much. and you get to save wood that you use for carriages. and you will travel faster across the town.

model t available for purchase now!!!!

Henry ford

Henry ford anti/Semitic which means he hated Jews. so if your a Jew you might have to pay more for it. Henry was born in Michigan in 1863. and died in Michigan in 1947.