During the week of September 28-October 2, 2015, the students and staff of Holy Trinity School will celebrate Catholic Schools Week. We will spend time celebrating our uniqueness as a Catholic school, saying thank you to all of our supporters, and remembering our school mission.

During Catholic Schools Week, Holy Trinity School students will also be participating in a Coins for Cancer service project. Each classroom will have a special bucket to fill up with coins. All funds will go to the American Cancer Society. The Holy Trinity Student Council will be coordinating this project.

Holy Trinity School students in grades 2-8 will take the Tera Nova Achievement tests the week of October 19, 2015.

Grades 6-8 will be attending a Camp Akita outdoor education trip on October 13-14, 2015.

The first grading period ends on October 16, 2015.


We would like to thank you for supporting our mum sale. Home and School made a profit of $600!

We recently got the new swing set installed and the kids are having fun on them at recess!

Looking ahead…….

Home and School will be serving our first fundraiser dinner on Thursday, October 15.

Holy Trinity t-shirt sale will be going on till Friday, Oct. 9. Forms went home in the mailbags. If you would like to order please turn your order forms into the school office.


For the next couple of weeks we will be reading “The Hundred Penny Box.” Our spelling and vocabulary words will come from the novel. We will be doing many lessons and activities.


What a great start to fourth grade! It’s amazing that we are in the second month of school already! We have been very busy, as you can expect as we move into fall! As a class we have begun our first novel study, “Danger Along the Ohio”. This is also incorporating our social studies project on our early Native American Tribes in Ohio. Math is moving along quickly as well and I am thrilled to say that most of the students have mastered their multiplication fact through 10! They should have 11 and 12’s mastered by Christmas, but I am sure this will happen much sooner! We have continued our school-wide compost project and the fourth and eighth graders they are paired with are doing an excellent job! We should be able to use last year’s compost material for our flower beds soon! Sister Josetta would be very happy!

Mrs. Sharpe


In a short few weeks, we now know all 20 mysteries of the most Holy Rosary. While mastering place value from the thousandths to the millions, we are breaking our record on 100 multiplication problems. We've been playing with words and discovering more about them every day. In our science experiment, the eggs in vinegar grew while the shell disappeared. We have traveled across the Being Strait and ventured to Mt. Denali as America is discovered.


Language Arts 6-8:

In Language Arts classes, the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students have been reviewing functional grammar, working on proofreading skills, and doing in-class writing to improve quick planning skills and fluency. The 6th and 7th graders are currently using their story structures to begin writing the books they will complete this month and have published by Student Treasures, an annual project directed by Mrs. Young. The 8th graders are writing contributions to a class memory book and researching their chosen monuments and special sites they will visit in Washington, D.C. Their book will also be published by Student Treasures.


Sixth Graders have discovered that they are “scientists.” We have started our unit on Earth Science and will be learning about the Earth’s systems and how they interact. Soon we will be focusing on the geosphere and learning about rocks and minerals. Science Rocks! :-)

The Eighth Graders have been making connections to Science around us. Students had to think of something “scientific” they did over the summer and explain the science behind the activity. Soon we will begin our study of Earth Science and Plate Tectonics.



The ride up to Chillicothe was very long, so we decided to watch a movie. Once we got there, we went straight to the locker room and got dressed quickly because we were running late. Then we went out on to the court and started warming up. The first set of the game we were tired and our heads were not in the game, but then we pulled through and won 18-25. We had some nice spikes and some really good saves. The second period we played better and won 20-25. After our victory we celebrated at KFC. Written by: Abby Clouse, Vanessa Reichley and Alex Finck


On Monday, August 24th, the 7th and 8th grade volleyball team faced Berne Union. It was a home game at Holy Trinity School at 5:30pm. On the court were the following: Kate Wilson #2, Kaitlyn Sturgeon#6, Gabby Carpico #0, Grace Dowdell #3, Jadeylynn Selegue #5, Alex Finck #15. Berne Union started out with the serve. HTS quickly recovered with a bump, set, spike down by Grace Dowdell. Kate Wilson racked up 10 points in her serves helping HTS win the first match 25-17. HTS finished off the game winning the last match 25-20. Written by: Gabby Carpico, Kate Wilson, Kaitlyn Sturgeon, Grace Dowdell and Jadelynn Selegue.


The 8th grade is starting their year off with much excitement. They are looking forward to being student council officers. All five girls are on the volleyball team. They started off their season with wins against Berne Union and Bishop Flaget. Five of the boys are on the football team. Their first game will be on September 13th against St. Brendan’s. They are enjoying reminiscing about their years at Holy Trinity. They will be writing about these memories for their class book. The book will also have a short piece about some of the monuments they will visit on their trip to Washington, DC. In the spring.


Advisory Board is currently working on marketing/development and public relations. If anyone has some ideas to help with these projects, please feel free to contact Holly Wilson, Marcie Gordon or Mrs. Miller.