By:Kayla Bageant

Capitol and major cities


Major Cities-Guayaquil,Duran,Manta,Ambato


Ecuador was controlled by Peru, although they were able to gain there independence May 24, 1822 and are no longer controlled by another country.

Ecuador flag

The Ecuador flag is striped and the colors red,yellow,and blue with a bird on the stand in the middle.


Ecuador's official language is Spanish.

Location and Physical Features

Ecuador is South Colombia,North Peru,and East of Pacific Ocean. Some physical features are El Oriente ( Amazon jungle ),the Andes Mountains, and Galápagos Islands.

Political Information

Ecuador has a republic government and the leader is Rafael Correa.

Economic Information

Ecuador's currency is the United States dollar and their economic system is Capitolism.

Tourist Information

Ecuador's weather is mostly always nice,because the equator runs through the country. Ecuador is also a very wealthy country, containing museums,theaters, and festivals. Tourists should try a restaurant in Ecuador because they have very good meat and make things different then other places may make food. Tourists should also go to city centers because of the good sight seeing and shopping.