Media and communications jobs

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I think photography would be a fun job. It would be a Gould experience to photography. I would need to know a lot of things to become a good one though. have to work very hard on your skilles

2. You have to get height equipment have to lern about the equipment ur using need to learn how to use different types of edit soft wear

These are just a few important thing emu one who wants this'll hasty learn


This would also be good job for media and comunications should watch movies and take notes on how they are directed

2.learn how to interact with people

3. Put ur self out there and have fun

Knowlege that will be really important that you have to have arts and humanity's, communications,and engineering and tech.

You have to have basic skilled like listening to other people on interrupting the and not asking stupid questions.

Talent director

A talent director would've a really fun job because what they do I discover people with talents and makes them into stuff like actors, singers, dancers, models, and comedies.

But there are a lot things they need to do in order to get this job.

You will need arts and humanitys, communications business and engineering & tech.


1. Arts and humanities , engeneering and tech, business

2.keepig track of how good a person or group is doing

3.solveing problems

4.managing your time

5. You need a Bachelors or professionals degree

Art director and humanists , communications , business, engeneering and tech

2.listening to people and talking to them

3.thinkinng of pros and cons and thinking how things should work

4.being creative and coming up with new ideas

5.bachlors degrees or masters degree.

This would be a good job if you like art