SIG Hudson Week 1

The many triumphs and intellectual challenges in Hoboken!

Notes from Ms. Lawrence & Miss Gaby

We have survived week one at SIG Hudson! Our students have been great learners, leaders, and listeners. Their curiosity and kindness is most impressive! We are very proud of our SIGnificant students.

Just a reminder: Parent/Teacher Meet and Greet is next week on Wednesday, July 16th at 8 AM on the 3rd floor of the Hudson School. Come and briefly discuss your student's work and progress with instructors.

Also, as a reminder, absolutely NO NUTS on campus. This means no peanut butter, no almonds, no Nutella, etc. We have some very severe allergies on site at Hudson and want everyone to be safe and healthy!!!

Anticipating Algebra

Students have been figuring out what Algebra is all about! We have been strengthening our skills with positive and negative numbers, fractions, and solving for X. We have been learning to read, translate, and solve algebraic expressions using our "X-files game" to create student generated problems.
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Eureka! Inventive Minds at Work

As each student begins to plan for their "Invention Convention," we are beginning the course by exploring the various inventions that affect our lives. Through the use of group-work, pop-up books, and hands-on activities, the students determined inventions for travel, communication, and school and their impact on our daily lives. To get their creative juices flowing, the students developed a new summer treat using regular materials such as cookies and icing, and created new uses for a spoon that did not involve stirring or eating. They also learned about patents to prevent ideas from being stolen, and compared and contrasted how inventions can differ using the same materials with an ice pop and fruit punch test.

Simple Machines, Complex Designs

To begin our learning, we discovered that there are six different simple machines. We then worked in pairs and created simple machines out of K-Nex. The students also created their own see-saw out of clay and cardboard to see how a lever works. In our final projects, students will be designing their own simple machine to use on the playground or amusement park.

Building Blocks of Engineering: The Way Things Work

We have explored four types of engineering: structural, aeronautical, stress, and durability. We are experimenting with the different forces are how to use "the force." Among these forces include dead forces, live forces, vertical forces, horizontal forces, lift, gravity, drag, thrust, tensile, torsion, compression, expansion, and elasticity.

Science of the Superhuman

During our first week, the students are beginning to learn about the various differences that makes superhumans "super." The first few aspects we will study are radiation and genetic mutations, through the use of books, experiments, and games. Students created an original PowerPoint presentation on an assigned superhero. To obtain a copy of your child's presentation, please send an e-mail to Students are also beginning the preliminary planning of their original superhero, and this week they determined the strengths and weaknesses of their hero, a name, and a basic origin story. As we move forward, we will look at specific superheroes in more depth, determining the cause of their powers and unraveling their origin stories.

Cracking Codes: Patterns and Probability

Students are traveling back in time to discover the codes used in history. This week students created Pictographs and saw the Caves of Lascaux. Students then traveled through time to Ancient Egypt and created cartouches with their name in hieroglyphics. They then went to Ancient Rome and created codes with sticks similar to those used by the Spartans. Eventually, we will travel all the way to present day to discover how we use codes today.

Magic Carpet Expeditions

This week, the explorers in Magic Carpet Expeditions embarked on our world journey! Before taking off, we did all of the necessary preparations including creating our passports and learning about how to effectively use maps. We began our journey close to home by sharing our family traditions and then broadened our focus to consider culture as a whole in the United States. After analyzing our own cultures, we are ready to leave the United States and start our world tour. Maybe we'll send a postcard!

Rain Forests: Tropical Treasures

This week in Rain Forests: Tropical Treasures, we started creating components of mural to be displayed on the last day. We planted ferns on the day we were discovering plants in the rain forest. Our projects have included neon frogs and insects out of clay. We also created beautiful macaws out of patterns of our hands and feet. Our final day will be a mural with all the components we created in class.

Planetary Science: Putting the 'U' in the Universe

Students have been studying the creation of the Earth and the amazing environments of the inner planets. We researched how various elements come together in space to create the perfect conditions for life. We also researched the sun, depicted it artistically with rays of information, and put ourselves in its orbit as if we were the planets!

Curious Chemist: Chemistry in Our Daily Lives

Our little chemists kicked off the week by learning the Scientific Method and using experiments with an ice cube and popcorn to develop a hypothesis and test it. The students all developed an individual question that they will answer by the end of the course, using this same method. To teach high-level chemistry, we break down lessons into easy-to-understand activities, such as building molecules from colored marshmallows, cutting up index cards to understand the concept of matter, and learning the elements of the periodic table through fun videos and games. We have also started reading the Magic Schoolbus: Voyage to the Volcano to prepare for next week's volcanic project.

Special request: if you are able to contribute recycled 1-liter bottles and newspapers, we will be collecting those for our projects.

Sports Stop!

We started our journey through sports and games by talking about what makes a good game, why fitness is important, and what parts of the body are involved with specific sports. We assessed our personal fitness and performed training to improve our goal of becoming faster! Students experimented with a tag game and a field game (kickball) by making variations on the rules that would fit our environment.

Get Theatrical

This week in Get Theatrical, our thespians began discussing the importance of movement and expression in theater through playing the "magic box" game. We practiced the use of facial expressions to convey meaning in pretend scenarios with our fellow actors and actresses in the classroom. We even began acting as different characters from our favorite television shows and books by playing a guessing game! In the coming weeks, we will continue to learn about stage productions and even begin writing our own play to be performed at SIG Closing Ceremonies! Stay tuned for great things...and maybe a Tony Award or two!

Crazy Day @ SIG Hudson

Thursday, July 24th, 8:30am

601 Park Ave

Hoboken, NJ

Wear your craziest of outfits! See the photos below for past examples. Ask Miss Gaby if you have any questions!!

SIG Closing Ceremony

Friday, July 25th, 4-5:30pm

601 Park Ave

Hoboken, NJ

Come browse our student project gallery, view our SIG slideshow, and help us celebrate our Student Achievement in a special ceremony to begin promptly at 4:30 PM.

**Pick Up is still scheduled for 4 PM!!!