Safety online.

By: Gisselle Chavez


When you make a password you have to be sure that nobody can figure it out. So be sure to chose something that is random, but that is really important to you. For example something that was in your childhood that you are sure too remember like the name of your favorite imaginary friend or something else that you could easily remember. Also when you have a password be sure to not just type it anywhere, you have to see what you are logging into because hackers can trick you and ask for your password,then when you type it in they can easily have your password and hack into other stuff like your bank account, and i'm pretty sure you would be upset if all your money was gone,and you couldn't do anything about it.Sucks right?, but that's just how things are so be safe with your passwords and keep them a secret to yourself.

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Be careful because hackers make fake popups that could encourage you to buy something and when you buy it they get your money but you don't get anything because it was all fake. Scams can be very realistic and you may think its an ordinary website or something but always look out for different or mysterious questions it ask you.


Make sure to keep all your accounts or information private because that's how people can trick you. They see your profiles and learn everything about you in order to trick you into doing something. They can know stuff about you and prove they know who you are.
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User Agreements

Always read the agreements if its something you don't really have control of. For example if you are buying an app or something it will give you terms and agreements and maybe out of all the boring words their could be a section where it say you have to pay 50$ a month after using it more than 5 times or something like that where they trick you to get your money.