California Institute of the Arts

School information

  • Address:24700 McBean Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355
  • Cost for a year:$ 43, 400
  • Administrations: Gpa:3.75 or higher, Letters of recommendation.
  • Enrollment: 1489 Students
  • Teacher:Student ration 1:11

Paying for it all

In order to pay the $43,400, I will:
  • Get and keep a job, saving money each paycheck.
  • Apply for scholarships


The weather around Santa Clarita, according to, for the most part is at least 60 plus around this time.
But around the summer time it gets as hot as 97-99 degrees.

Fun around the school

Location: Santa Clarita
  1. Visit Six Flags
  2. Visit the City Parks
  3. Attend "Shakespeare in the Park"

More Information

High School Needs

Things I will do post graduation:
  • GPA 3.5, hopefully a 3.75.
  • Join FBLA
  • Try and talk to artists and learn from them

Classes I can take to help me:

  • Drawing 1
  • Intro to Game Making
  • Computer Apps

Available Mentorships

In Oregon

None were really found.
But I can try and create my own style to make myself stand out, and practice working hard