Growth Mindset


Growth mindset is the belief that intelligence is a fluid construct; it can grow and evolve over time. Having a growth mindset allows for a person to more readily accept new knowledge and build on their current knowledge. Promoting a growth mindset is paramount in children. Fostering a growth mindset early encourages resilience, reduces the negative emotional impact of failure, and teaches life skills that are difficult to learn/incorporate when older.

Growth mindsets are not specific to children or students. Adults can possess and/or gain a growth mindset at any point. Learning from mistakes; improving weaknesses, accepting constructive criticism are all major facets of this mindset. Modeling these behaviors and participating in their actions can help promote initiation of this mindset.

How can I foster a Growth Mindset?

  1. Promote continued learning.
  2. Embrace failure as a learning opportunity.
  3. Reward determination, effort, and grit.
  4. Encourage feedback seeking.
  5. Be accepting of constructive criticism.