e-Learning @Rossett

Edition 4

App of the fortnight: Showbie

For those of you who did not see Showbie in practice during the workflow training session earlier this month with Dan Grainger & Dan Bird... Showbie allows for effortlessly assigning, collecting and reviewing student work from anywhere. Students can share files quickly and easily, express their creativity through various forms of media and in their homework using a computer or mobile device. Teachers can assign schoolwork digitally, collect student work without printing any paper and review/ mark assignments anytime, anywhere. Showbie is particularly useful in comparison to apps such as Edmodo as it works simultaenously with other apps so pupils can upload creative media, for example popplets, ibrainstorms, imovies etc to be assessed rather than just office documents.


One of the key elements being looked at within TLCs over the coming year is how feedback can be used to help 'Close the Gap.' Feedback takes so many different forms, all of which have their own place when appropriate. One aspect of feedback that has developed is that provided though online or e-devices. A few of the key ideas are as follows:

Example of using ExplainEverything to talk through exam answers...(Courtesy of Rob Beever)

AS plc mock answers

Student celebration: end of year assembly

Joe, Nathan and James Robinson composed their own piece of music using apps such as Novation and iDaft. This clearly demonstrates both the independent learning and engagement that the ipad has allowed for our students. The fact that they were confident enough to share this with all staff and students is something to be highlighted!