Sadler Means YWLA

May 23-June 2

2016 COLOR RUN- May 26th

Date: May 26, 2016 (PM Schedule)

Implementation & Set up: Student Wellness Champions and Volunteer Teachers

Participants/Eligibility: Students with good attendance, no referrals, cannot be in ISS or Harvest

Non-participatory students: will be kept and released from the gym.

Please email Coach Harris or Ms. Benson with any questions.

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Library Book Return


All student books are due Friday, May 20th. Students will not be able to check out books after this date; however, I will have a cart in the library available with discarded books and paperbacks our girls may keep. They will still have some great reading material to choose from! If you are working on a classroom project in the next two weeks that would require girls to check out books, feel free to send me a message and I'd be happy to accommodate. All teacher books are due Friday, May 27th. If you have books out that you have not been able to find or would like to hold on to for a longer period, please stop by the library at your convenience.

I've had a number of girls coming into the library worried over lost books. I ask that you please check your classrooms and return any library books you might find. Just FYI--our library books will have a barcode that says "Pearce Middle School" or "Means Library" on the back of the book. Barcodes that have been scribbled over with a sharpie no longer belong to the library.

Thanks for your help!

Monica G. Cantu, MLS

Weekly Reminders

Monday 5/23

  • FIELD TRIP- Gamma Sigma (Samsung)
  • CAC Meeting (430PM)
  • MEETING- Coaching in 2016-2017
  • DUE-Teen Dating Violence Lesson Reflection

Tuesday 5/24 (PM Schedule)

  • PM Assembly Schedule- Students involved in showcase will be released to practice run of show.
  • FIELD TRIP- IBM Design Innovations
  • FIELD TRIP- Tech Girls NXP
  • FIELD TRIP- Art Gallery
  • Spring Showcase (630PM)

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Wednesday 5/25

  • FIELD TRIP-Performing Arts (Austin Parks and Pizza)
  • Life Skills Advancement ARDs

Thursday 5/26 (PM Assembly Schedule)

  • Color Run (PM Assembly Schedule)
  • Advancement ARDs
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Friday 5/27 (No Kids-PD) 8:30-3:30PM

The following teachers have earned Time for Time and may leave at 1:30PM:

  • Arellano
  • Beckham
  • Aldama
  • Balderrama
  • Harris
  • Tole
  • Martinez
  • Smetzer
  • Grona
  • C. Martinez
  • Matula
  • Williamson
  • Wartel
  • Dyer
  • Zamorano
  • Stone
  • Benson

Monday 5/30 (Memorial Day-No School)

Tuesday 5/31 (PM Assembly Schedule)

  • Social Support Services Celebration
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Wednesday 6/1 (Grade Level Celebrations/Odd Periods)

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6th Grade Celebration Logistics

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7th Grade Celebration Logistics

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8th Grade Celebration Logistics

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Thursday 6/2 (Ceremonies/ Even Periods)

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ACTION ITEM: 6th and 7th Grade Award Ceremony

  • Students will be honored for GPA, Honor Roll, and Perfect Attendace
  • We will also have all teachers select two students who represent our Campus Creed. These students will receive the Distinguished Dragon Award!
  • Please submit your two names to Ms. Roberts by May 27th!

Friday 6/3 (Campus Closeout)

  • 9AM-1PM
  • Complete Checklist

June 6-9 (Summer Camp)

  • Sadler Means and Girl Scouts welcome our newest little Dragons!
  • All Tech Girls and Gamma Sigma girls are invited to lead our incoming 6th graders!!!! Please encourage them to attend!
  • Our Campus Teachers are Kathleen Martinez, Grace Zamorano, Julia Wartel, Dorothy Wiese, Laura Smetzer, and Andrea Tole
  • We will be completing projects in the following categories: Circuitry, Robotics, Environmental Science, and Astronomy
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June 13-16 (IBM Design Camp)

June 13-July 21 (Girls Club Summer Camp)

June 6-June 27 (CIS Summer Program/Select Days)