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Miss.Maudie's Opinion

Miss.Maudie is a really nice lady that cares about her flowers, loves to bake, and in a way she knows what's happened and happening in the town. We can tell that Miss.Maudie really cares about the children. Because when she bakes she gives them a cake, she lets them play in her yard as long as they don't mess with the flowers, she aslo will set there and talk with Scoute. She also thinks that their father Atticus is a very good person. She said that he may drink and drink all day and "he won't be as hard as a man at their best". She just thinks that the Radley's are different people there "foot washing baptist" and they believe that everyone should stay home and read the bible. They think that "anything that's pleasure is a sin" and that Miss.Maudie and her flowers can go to hell. And last with Miss.Stehpanie Cawford Miss.Maudie speeches the truth like how she ask when boo Radley was at the window did she move over and make room for him in the bed.

Response Question

Harper Lee included Miss.Maudie as a main character because she know what was happening in the town. She know what had happened before and what was going on she would also would tell the children about it. For example she told them about "boo radley". Also she was really nice to the children and cared about them.Harper Lee was one of the children that so Miss.Maudie was nice to her.