Prince Benton

The flawed Hero

Macbeth was an important character in the great Shakespeare's piece of literature, not only because he was the main character of the play but also the most dynamic creature in the story. Macbeth comes with many flaws throughout the story. Some of his flaws he possess include him being very easily manipulated by his wife Lady Macbeth and his extreme paranoia. The paranoia comes after he kills Duncan in order to gain power and become king. Because of this, his sons Malcolm and D plots to come for Macbeth in the conclusion of the play. In the end, his life was at a downfall when the army of Macduff, Malcolm and the other son invaded his compound and eliminated his army, with Macduff exiting the home with the head of Macbeth.


A dystopian society is a society which is ruled by a corrupt government and dehumanizes its citizens. An anti hero, is usually the main character in these type of stories who does not originally plan to fight against the government. In the movie V for Vendetta, i would consider Evey as an anti hero of this movie. At the beginning of V for Vendetta, Evey was just conforming to society and following the government's rules, but after meeting V, she changes her mindset and aids him in the crumpling of the dystopian government