Lincoln's Assassination

was the result of a grand, mastermind play.

The confederates had a connection to the assassination which is found in documents

There are documents that show meetings between the Confederate secret service mad members of the conspiracy with John Booth and Mary Surratt.

Letters found that were coded in Booth's trunk at the Nation Hotel, led him to a connection with the Confederacy.

Beaded on testimonies, the Confederates took part in the assassination of the President

Confederate Secretary of State, Judah Benjamin, burned all records before Richmond was evacuated. He escaped to London and never returned to the United States. this is though by the theorists Confederacy Grand Conspiracy.

Also, the Confederates previously showed a dislike towards Lincoln as the plotted before to blow the White House up, this information is told by Geroge Atzerodt, a member if the conspiracy.


Others believe Lincoln was killed because of circumstances that easily allowed it to happen

Lincoln was killed by the Roman Catholic Church in a mastermind plot. Money was offered to them and they choose who would assassin the President, John Booth. Previously an ex-priest by the name of Charles Chiniquy, who was being sued by bishop and Lincoln defended him. The Compromise Settlement made by Lincoln, was interpreted as a victory over the Church. This upset them and they assassinated President Lincoln.

Booth single handily planned and initiated Lincoln's assassination

However, Lincoln was going to use a powerful, international bank for a loan led by Rothschilds, for the Union and war. But, Lincoln found another resource as interest rates were to high from the original bank. After the war Lincoln planned a mild Reconstruction policy to have agriculture production resumption enabled. Rothschilds were betting on high prices caused by policy toward South, Lincoln was threatened by them and assassinated.

By: Morgan Suchin, Eleena Feinberg, & Michael Kypraios

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