The genre of ROMANCE

Nick Davy, Vivienne, Will, Madi, Sean


A novel that has romance includes a strong connection between two characters. The climax and conflict of the novel should be pointed to the theme and the characters of the novel, and has an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.

Peices of a Romance Story

In a romance novel there is normally a conflict that gets in between the relationship. The setting can be a random place or a place that has meaning to one of the antagonists. Everything that happens in the story points back to the relationship that either builds it up or brings it down. The story tend to be fast-pace and has lots of dialouge and not too much description because most of the description that is there is shown through what the characters say and what they do.

“We are all fools in love”


These novels started to become popular in the middle ages and continued to grow through Shakespearean time. romance novels were very popular in the high midevil times and early modern europe. One of the earliest published novels was written by Samuel Richardson in 1740

Short Story

Return To Paradise

Summary: This story is about a married couple who plans to get a divorce because of conflict they faced in their marriage, Lisa, the main character in this story, lost her baby and her husband, James, wasn't there to support her through her struggle, they grew apart since then until it finally fell apart. They return to the place they got married to finalize their divorce, but she talks about some of the stress that had been keeping her from wanting their relationship to continue.

Relation To the Genre

~ This story shows the genre of romance because the main characters are in a romantic relationship, the conflict revolves around their relationship, and their story has an optimistic ending.

~ "She looked at him and felt the instant spark of connection she had only experienced once before" this quote proves the genre because it is a way of expressing her emotions for James