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Happy Spring!

Deadlines for Bluebonnet and Book Adventure Reading for Marek Awards -

April 30.

Please have Book Adventure tests taken and Bluebonnet Bookmarks turned in by that date. If there are difficulties, please email me and let me know. The Bluebonnet Party is planned for May 16. We will have an exciting new storyteller there! You'll love her!

The 2x2 Party will be held April 25. Mrs. Emily Huong and Mrs. Vivianne Cao are donating the ice cream! Thank you a MILLION!!!

Scholastic Book Fair - May 5-9 in the Science Lab. We will be open 7:30 to 4 each day and will stay open until 7 on May 6th and 8th. Stop by and shop! Also, be watching for opportunities to volunteer coming soon! Thanks!


Online Scholastic Book Fair available April 30 - May 20.

End of Year Information

All Books will be DUE May 23. Teachers will continue to check out until the end of the year so students will have reading materials in the classroom.

Summer Library - We will be open June 10, 17, 24, (Closed July 1), July 8, 15, 22rd and 39th. All summer reading books will be due on August 5. This is a great opportunity to get a head start on Bluebonnet and 2x2 Reading for next year and to keep kids reading all year round! :)

Please go to the Library website for more information about those or use the OPAC catalog to see what we have! You'll also find information about events, access to reference materials, app downloads and electronic book options!

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Classroom Happenings

Students have been very active and engaged in learning in the library!

Kindergarten has accomplished amazing things to date. We've done research on polar animals using the IIM Research Method. This is something we use at Marek and throughout the district and it's so exciting to see them learn to write questions to guide their learning and find answers in the books. They worked in pairs and used pictures and headings to answer their questions about where on the globe they lived, what they ate, how they survived the cold and what they looked like! Kindergarteners can research! Using an index and making a tree map of what dinosaurs ate was next on the agenda! We also have been learning about space, farm animals and Texas! We've learned about plants and insects. We pulled in poetry when learning about insects and learned about onomatopoeia. Ask your kindergartener about that!

First Grade learned about biographies, the biography section, how it's organized and followed up with Martin Luther King studies. Some classes worked on heat, light and sound energy and we looked at nonfiction text features while we made a tree map about this. I learn new things every day! We worked on presidents, Texas and Doctor Seuss in February. Texas and animals has been our recent focus. We've spent time working on ABC books about Texas and animal classifications with nonfiction! Habitats were next and now we're on to poetry! Students are writing poems by first making a million dollar word list! They're amazing! Ask your first grader about the "Big 5 of Poetry".

Second Grade has worked on biographies, weather and Martin Luther King, as well. It's fun to be able to share all the nonfiction text features while we learn about what they're studying in science and social studies at the same time! Natural resources were covered and animal research was done. They are focusing their reading efforts on chapter books and we've done book talks on all kinds of good second grade chapter books. Ask your second grader about their favorite fiction genre or series!

Third Grade is finishing up traditional literature and inferencing this month. They all now know how important it is to use all the clues an author and illustrator provide! In Ms. Stevens' language arts classes we have worked on poetry, too. They are in the process of editing poetry to include in their book. Mrs. Shirah's classes have worked on their country research and Prezi presentations. They researched inventions and inventors in groups using our new devices as well. Mrs. Timme's classes are created games based on a mathematician or scientist and will now work on inventing their own toy, additionally and consider marketing plans and weather. Mrs. Roberts classes came to work on research about a location of their choice. We looked at atlases and nonfiction books and used information to determine types and amount of precipitation before they started comparing daily weather with Houston. Mrs. Yesland's class also researched individual states and created poetry, as well. Third grade additionally has worked on nonfiction text features in connection with biographies and upcoming animal units!

Fourth Grade worked hard getting ready for our Cultural Diversity Night in February. They prepared projects on different countries that have influenced Texas with their cultures. We have so many cultures that make our school so special. It's exciting to be able to share how they impact our area and highlight the many things they bring to everyone each day! As they prepare for their writing and reading tests, Mrs. Sobeck's classes have looked at Texas history and worked on identifying main idea and summaries of articles. Mrs. Muras' students are reading great biographies! Watch for passion projects and a unit on mysteries coming up after our tests! 4th Graders are also going to start reading Gone to Texas, a novel by Louise Jackson and we plan to Skype with the author! :)

Fifth Graders are amazing readers. It's delightful to watch them choose books and enjoy reading! Mrs. Matula's classes are doing a project to "rebrand" a country on a continent of their choice. They've researched continents and have chosen locations for their new country. Mrs. Tamez's classes are working hard on their westward expansion projects. We skyped with a museum director in Casper, Wyoming and Mrs. Tonini presented on trails west. It has been so much fun to learn about trails, forts, railroads, exploration and the pony express! Mrs. Tamez's classes are also going to start working on Book Spine Poetry! I can't wait to see what they create!

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