Lake Kyoga

a small lake of Uganda

About the lake

Lake Kyoga is a large shallow lake located in Uganda in an area with an elevation of about 1034 meters. The lake reaches a depth about 5.7 meters but most of it is less than 4 meters deep. The Victoria Nile flows through lake Kyoga . This lake includes species of fish and few crocodiles.

extra facts

This lake isn't very big and does not have much research to be done on it but there are some extra facts you may need to know about this lake.

- Lake Kyoga has three different environmental zones
- 46 different fish species live in Lake Kyoga, some of them are endemic.
-Lake Kyoga has enough water, because of two rainy seasons, the first from the months October to December and the second between March and May.
-The main human activities in the Lake Kyoga basin are fishing, cultivation and livestock keeping. There are no industrial enterprises in the area, due to lack of grid or any other power connectivity.

more info

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