iPads in the Lower School Classroom

Supporting a culture of thinking, learning and collaboration

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Denise Coffin, Kindergarten @teamcoffin coffind@sidwell.edu

Eve Eaton, 1st Grade @EveGEaton eatone@sidwell.edu

Carrie Strine, 4th Grade @carreenstrine strinec@sidwell.edu

4z Class: @SFS4Z

Lesley Younge, 4th Grade @LesYounge youngel@sidwell.edu

Jenni Swanson Voorhees, Idea Coordinator @jsvoorhees voorheesj@sidwell.edu

Pete Sanderson-Kilchenstein IT sandersonp@sidwell.edu

How we get started and why we do this

App explorations

Just-in-time Digital Citizenship

Demonstrating thinking

Documentation for teachers and students

Documentation for Teachers and Students

How we use iPads to document student work

App Selection

We created the following expectations for app selection:

We look for three basic qualities in an app:

*must do more than one thing
*needs to have a settings option so that we can change/personalize it
*should not be over congratulatory (no wild applause/cheers)

Beyond that - we are looking for apps with a dynamic quality so that creativity, thinking, and problem solving come into play. We don't want to apply technology simply for the sake of applying technology.

Blogging in Lower School

Paper Blogging as a way to introduce format, purpose, and etiquette

More on Blogging

Blogging as a way to build community

Blogging as a digital portfolio

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Blogging with First Graders

Grows out of the Writing curriculum

Offers a means of expressing ideas without writing

Not ready for commenting


Be willing to give up some control

Setting up iPads

Field Trip management

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Other Thoughts

Be willing to fail - give up and cut your losses, understanding what they got out of the experience

Not for every student - make it a choice

Be cognizant of screen time - how much is this adding to their day's total?

4th Grade Twitter Training

Fourth graders are encouraged to reflect by creating "paper tweets" hung in the hall outside the classroom that share their ideas. The teacher "owns" the class Twitter account @SFS4Z and selects student tweets to send out on Twitter.
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