Caged in the dark

Your hour of entertainment is their lifetime of misery

Behind Closed Doors

They may look happy, but are they? Behind closed doors more goes on than just feeding and rewarding. Much more! They don't have a voice you must help them!

Breathing In Familiar Air

The enclosures they keep their "pets" in are way to small. Zoos can't provide enough space thats needed for different animals as the wild could. Especially animals like elephants and tigers, they roam large distances , but in a zoo, they can't do that. Tigers and lion's have 18,000 times less space than they would in the wild. Polar bears have ONE MILLION times less space!!!! That can cause bad/outburst behavior and lots of stress on any and every animal, no matter how tough they look! Their natural habitat is better than any person and or zoo can provide.
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Animals in zoo's suffer horribly!! More than you can ever imagine. A government-funded study of elephants in the UK zoo's found that 54% of the elephants showed stereotypes ( behavioural problems ) during the day. ( The hours they are open. ) One elephant onserved during day and and night stereotyped for 61% of a 24-hour period. Lions in zoo's spend 48% of their time pacing, a recongonised sign of again, behavioral problems. Just think 48%, thats almost 1/2 of their time!! Anyways, they only rarely get fed nutrious foods! That's very dangerous!

Animal Anxiety

Animals get SO stressed out, not only because of the small enclosures, but almost everyday of their life they get "teased" by kids, and sometimes even adults. It puts so much emotional and physical stress on the animals!!
Elephant stressed in captivity at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Saying Goodbye A Little Too Early

Premature deaths are killin' me! African elephants in the wildlive more than 3x longer than those kept in captivity. Even Asian elephants working in timber camps live longer than those born/kept in zoos!!! 40% of lion cubs die before one month of age. In the wild only 30% of cubs are thought to die before they are 6 months old and at least a third of those deaths are due to factors are in zoos, like predatation! Im not the only thing their killin!!!
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Sit Back And "Learn"

There are soooooooooooooooo many people who think that animals are just plain out stupid. Well, usually they arent! However in zoos they dont get education like they would in the wild. Say they were trying to do some good, when and if they make it out, how will the know what to do? Exactly. In the wild they would have to figure things out for themselves and not just get things handed to them.
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Come On!!!!!!!

As I have said many times before they have bad behavior. They act up in unnessacary situations. Which is most likely caused by getting teased... It's bad enought that they are captured, don't make them suffer more.

Walking Alone

The original animals that they captured aren't only robbed of their natural habitat, they are robbed from their family! Think if you are going to get something for your family, or even hanging out with your family and, you just got taken away!!! That's not fair!!!!!! In some way, their hearts are empty. No matter what they are fed, what other animals they are with, or even how their enclosures look, it's just not the same...
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Saving The Animals

What did they do to you? You have to take a stand, this is not ok!!! Please! For the animals..... They need you to be their voice! I'm begging you!