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Freedom, Responsibility & Compliancy

I demand excellence from myself and I expect it from those I work with and for...

So does the State of Michigan and the Seat Time Waiver.

Our requirements to have the honor of utilizing the 5-O-B (Seat Time Waiver) that states up to all 6 classes can be online comes with great freedom and responsibility.

That discipline starts and ends with the student.

S.T.A.R. = Students Taking Academic Responsibility.

The SCGLH Count day begins on October 1, 2014.

ALL students must comply with the mandates as agreed to when a contract was signed.

These include..

1- Present on Count day

February 11, 2015 9:00 -4:00 / October 1, 2014 10:00 - 5:00

2- Log into classes everyday

3- Send Email to Mentor, Coach, Dean with Educational updates

4- Every Wednesday send Weekly Report of Classes

5- Attendance Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

6- Daily Accountability form complete

7- Monthly Accountability form

8- Meet at least one time per week face to face with Mentor and Coach

Thank you for your maturity and taking Full responsibility for YOUR education.

If indeed you wish to be on my ship - You MUST WORK !

Mr. Thompson


Mr. T

Please R.S.V.P on link below

Aut Disce Aut Discede

Mentor - Coach - Dean

Every one has the same mentor- it is Mr. Oliver -

Every student will also be assigned a Graduation Coach

the 2014-2015 Graduation Coaches are...

Mr. Kelly -

Mrs. Flanagin -

Mr. Pyle -

Mrs. Rightsell -

Every student has the same Dean - Mr. Thompson -

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5-O-B: SEAT TIME WAIVER Michigan Department of Education 2014-15 Pupil Accounting Manual

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GISD PowerPoint below

A) Requirements for Counting in Membership

The district must meet all of the following requirements to count pupils enrolled in a seat time

waiver program for membership purposes:

1) The pupil must meet pupil membership eligibility requirements pursuant to Section

6(4) or 6(6) of the State School Aid Act (MCL 388.1606).

2) The pupil shall be enrolled and attending on the count day(s) pursuant to Section

6(8) and Section 6a of the State School Aid Act (MCL 388.1606 and MCL 388.1606a). These

requirements shall be satisfied as described in A(3).

a. Attendance shall be measured using one of the following methods:

a. Attendance shall be measured using one of the following methods:

(i) The pupil is physically present for scheduled on-site instruction at the school site on count day or the first day after the count day that the pupil is scheduled for on-site instruction.

The pupil must attend one period for each course scheduled under the

seat time waiver, and each period must represent the amount of time required for

the course if delivered traditionally.

For a pupil who is absent on count day, the attendance requirement may be satisfied if the pupil returns to school within 10 school days of an unexcused absence or within 30 calendar days of an excused absence.

(ii) The pupil logs into at least one program-sponsored online course shown on his or her class schedule on count day, and then logs into at least one program-sponsored online course shown on his or her class schedule on nine separate days during the 30-day count period, for a total of 10 logins on separate days.

When using this method for meeting the attendance requirement, the pupil must log in on count day

and nine (9) additional calendar days during the count period.

For a pupil who has an excused absence on count day, the pupil must complete a login on each of ten (10) days within 30 calendar days of count day.

The district may not claim any FTE for a pupil with less than ten (10) logins on

separate days, including count day.

Log in form below

b. Participation

In order for a district to count a pupil in membership, two-way

interaction between the teacher of record and pupil must occur at least one (1) time per

week for each week of the four (4) week count period;

no FTE shall be granted if the participation requirement is not met. The first week in which participation will be measured begins on count day (Wednesday), and continues through the following Tuesday.

Each consecutive week will start on Wednesday and end on the following Tuesday, for a total of four (4) weeks including the week that began on count day.

The district shall document and retain an online activity log detailing two-way interactions for each seat time waiver pupil.

Monthly Log in form below

The following demonstrates how this requirement translates into the separate weeks for each count period:

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1) Each course shall count as one class

on the pupil’s class schedule and will generate that

portion of an FTE membership that a comparable on-site course offered by the district would

generate unless the course is determined to provide less instructional time, in which case

the FTE would be prorated according to the number of instructional hours provided. The

pupil must have a course-specific class schedule for the current count that includes all

enrolled courses counted toward membership for the pupil.

2) The teacher of record will also serve as the on-site mentor

2) The teacher of record shall monitor the pupil’s progress and be available for assistance. The teacher of record shall be a Michigan certified teacher employed by the district.

3) Seat time waiver participants must meet the requirements defined for the specific programs or course types in which they are enrolled, including those in legislation, administrative rule, and this manual.

4) The district may adopt additional requirements for pupils enrolled in virtual learning,

distance learning, or independent study. Further, a district may choose not to offer a seat

time waiver program or to place greater restrictions on its pupils (e.g., eleventh and twelfth

grade pupils only) or on the courses offered. This is the local school board’s prerogative.

5) Additional documentation must be provided

5) Additional documentation must be provided if requested by the pupil membership


The district must provide all documentation requested by the pupil membership

auditor within five (5) business days of the request.

This includes, but is not limited to,documents such as activity logs used to demonstrate course logins, and activity logs and copies of email or text message exchanges detailing weekly two-way interactions between the pupil and teacher of record.

In addition, all of the following are required components (unless otherwise noted) for district seat time waiver programs:

1) Instructional Components

1) Instructional Components

Teacher of Record: The teacher of record may provide instruction, tests and quizzes,

evaluate pupil performance, and assign a grade. The teacher of record is also the on-site

mentor for seat time waiver programs. As the on-site mentor, the teacher of record must be available to the pupil for general course assistance, as well as to monitor the pupil’s

progress through the duration of the seat time waiver course.

Two-way Interaction:

Two-way Interaction: Two-way interaction is the communication that occurs between the pupil and teacher of record, where one party initiates communication and a response from the other party follows that communication. Responses must be to the communication initiated by the teacher of record, and not some other action taken. This interaction may occur through, but is not limited to, means such as email, telephone, instant messaging, or face-to-face conversation.

All two-way interaction must be documented and available to the pupil accounting auditor upon request. Interaction must be relevant to the course content.

Online Activity Report (Activity Log)

An online activity report is a summary of online learning activities, such as daily logins, examples of coursework completions, two-way interaction logs, or other information that demonstrates pupil participation in the seat time waiver program

2) Class Schedules

A pupil enrolled through a seat time waiver program shall develop a class schedule with the help of the teacher of record or school counselor that details the credits that the pupil will earn over the school year.

The class schedule shall reflect all courses scheduled for the pupil for the semester. This includes pupils who utilize a sequential learning schedule where the pupil must complete one or some of the scheduled courses before proceeding to the next scheduled course.

Districts shall update class schedules within four (4) weeks of each count day.

If the district modifies the class schedule following count day, the district must update the class schedule to reflect the actual enrollment before the end of the current school year (June 30).

3) Instructional Time Requirements and Waiver Renewal

3) Instructional Time Requirements and Waiver Renewal

b. 100% online seat time waivers granted for the 2011-2012 fiscal year or a subsequent fiscal year remain in effect, unless revoked by the State Superintendent, if educational services are available to pupils for at least 1,098 hours during a school year and each pupil participates in the program for at least 1,098 hours during a school year.

4) Program Effectiveness

4) Program Effectiveness

The district and Department shall measure seat time waiver program effectiveness using academic benchmarks, such as those derived from the Department-required grade-appropriate assessments, or through other measures identified by the Department.

Pupils enrolled in a seat time waiver program must participate in the grade-appropriate state assessment exams.

Districts must assess each pupil to determine academic progress at regular intervals and

must use the results from these assessments to develop an education plan that leads to a high school diploma. Districts must maintain the results of these assessments in the pupil’s education plan.

As determined by the Department, a variety of benchmarks and measures are used to monitor program effectiveness and to make determinations regarding the continuation of program waivers.

5-O-B Option one and two for count 10 Day Login / Attendance

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Compliance - SCGLH