Cannabis On Fire

The Facts and Knowledge on Marijuana

The population burns for it

As early as the 17th century, Cannabis has been a sought after plant. Its physical uses such as rope, plastic, and clothing combined with its medicinal properties make it a valuable crop. Colonies of America were actually in trouble if they didn't grow Cannabis (Yurchey). A cash crop like this should no longer be on the schedule 1 list out of reach of the public where only the side street dealers and their junkies continue to make a profit. Accessibility is going to not only help those in pain, but the national economy will prosper considerably as well.

Uses in the realy world

-Cannabis can be used as a textile, and 80% of textiles were Hemp based until the cotton gin was invented (Yurchey)

-Cannabis based plastic used in Ford's first model T had a crash resistance that measured 10 times the strength of steel (Yurchey).

-Cannabis is useful for patients with back pain, nausea, or if they are under Chemo therapy witch cause one to lose their appetite as well as adding much stress to an already touchy situation.

Clarence Atsma

Clarence Atsma is a member of the Atsma clan, and has been a resident of Georgia for almost 10 years (as of May 4th). He is involved in the drama group at his school (Woodstock High school) and plans to continue a career in either communication as well as welding. Alongside his numerous adventures, he battles for the rights of cannabis each day.

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