Meatpacking Day!

Come one come all

Come join us!

There will be many festivities to enjoy throughout the day. There are all kinds of meat sold like it was packed in the ground, and the everyone gets to dress up like our ancestors at anytime in history.

Thursday, April 7th 2016 at 8am-8pm

Reinbeck, IA, United States

Reinbeck, IA


8 am-9 am: parade

9 am-12 pm: hunting

12 pm-2 pm: children prepare various meats and place them in the ground like our ancestors

2 pm-6 pm: carnival

6 pm-8 pm: concert

Why we celebrate

The reason that we celebrate our wonderful holiday is in honor of all our ancestors for if it were not for meatpacking, our ancestors would have died hundreds of years ago.

Food and drink

The foods will consist of dried and salted meats such as beef, pork, venison, etc. There will be drinks of all kinds sold throughout the celebration.