Occupy Wall Street

Nathan Vujanic

Background information

-Started anger in 2008

-Economy started slowing down world wide

-Protest started September 2011

-Since late 1900's money has only gone to top 1% of people

-Other 99% are poor

Information About Protest

-Congress passed a $700-Billion bailout plan for financial industries

-People mad the Government for bailing out banks

-Thinks the money should be used on the people

-Wanted Government to make more jobs

-Protesters argue-political, economic systems in US unfairly give advantages to corporations and richest people

-Angry over rich people staying rich, poor people staying poor

Effects of the Protest

-Some where peaceful protest some where not

-The banks still got bailed out

-People got more angry

-Some where more physical then others


The protesters showed their believes that the Government should help them get jobs and make money. They are Democrats. Democrats think its the Government is in charge of doing that stuff and needs their help to live. They went to Wall street to protest because its a big money place in America. They thought they could make a big impact going to the biggest money place and the biggest city in America.