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Urologists and urology

Overall job description

Urologists are specialized physicians who diagnose and treat conditions of the urinary tract and male reproductive systems. A urologist is a surgeon who conducts operations, and performs various other treatments, with the use of medical equipment like lasers, X-rays, fluoroscopes, radium emanation tubes, and catheters.

Major job responsibilities

  • The work week is usually split fairly evenly between clinic and OR.
  • Most urologists have around 2 OR days and 3 clinic days, although many clinic days may have time dedicated to office procedures.
  • Obviously, the clinic days are going to be more routine office hours.
  • OR days vary a lot depending on what type of cases you perform.
  • Most procedures are outpatient and relatively short.
  • If you plan to do a lot of cancer surgery then you will do some longer cases and therefore will have some evenings spent operating.

Working conditions

A urologist may work in a hospital or private clinic. Environment can be stressful or intense if patient comes in suffering pain, which is why it is important to keep patients calm while observing symptoms and preparing for treatments. Must be able to work in an intense surgery environment. Surgery often comes with unpleasant smells/sights, but surgeon must continue working regardless of what happens when patient is cut open. When people respond negatively to surgery and bleed excessively, surgeon must be able to quickly fix issue. Many surgeons work long/odd hours, and urologist have to prepare to work later than planned and or start a last-minute emergency surgery, which could last all night. Surgeon may work 24 hours straight before getting off.

Current salary

Urology salary in Chicago, IL is $361,420, as of January 31, 2016, with a range usually between $317,180-$421,554.

Education needed

To become a urologist you must have a medical degree and complete a residency program accredited by ACGME.

Job outlook

Demand for urological procedures is increasing.Urology is actually in a good position relative to the other specialties.