Math with Mrs. Hayward


8th grade Math

What's happening this week:

Monday: Review solving equations/inequalities. Start simple and compound interest.

Tuesday: Simple and compound interest problems. Possible homework

Wednesday: Simple and compound interest. Homework worksheet

Thursday and Friday: Students take district LDA test.

Coming soon...

Unit test over solving equations, simple and compound interest

Slope of a line and intercepts on a coordinate grid

8th grade Algebra

What's happening this week in Algebra:

Monday - Exploring slope

Tuesday - Rate of change as slope. Possible homework from book

Wednesday -- Slope formula. Homework sheet.

Thursday and Friday -- Students take the district LDA test

Coming soon...

Exploring intercepts, transformations on linear equations (and corresponding graphs), forms of linear equations/inequalities

Other information:

Tutorial times are on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons from 3:35-4:30. All other tutorials are by appointment only. Please let me know if your student needs additional help beyond these days.