Barriers and mechanisms

Task 3a (P3) & Task 3b (M1)


Background noise

Firstly, verbal communication with a loud background noise can cause the people to be unable to understand what is being said which makes the people not to understand what is being said to them.


The distractions can happen when someone comes late to the presentation so he has missed some of the points of the presentation or when the mobile rings in a presentation. This can make the audience not to listen to you. So this is why distractions can be a barrier to effective communication.

Physical barriers

If someone use closed body language and aggressive stance can mean poor body language, When one person does a presentation and then he/she always face the board without having an eye contact with the audience can also act as a poor body language. This is why poor body language can be a barrier to effective communication.


If the location of the meeting is loud and crowded then there should be a distraction in the communication. This will lead to misunderstandings and also to lack of interest. There will be many distractions and background noises which will affect the communication between the people. This is why a location can be a potential barrier to effective communication.

Lack of Concentration

It is important to maintain communication despite any levels of distractions. The lack of concentration works by poor listening skills and also by arguing. The conflicts can cause the lack of concentration as well when you have conversation with a team. Also the sounds of the TV, music or people talking can cause lack of concentration. This is why lack of concentration can be a potential barrier to effective communication.

Use of inappropriate language

The uses of inappropriate language means swearing to other people, making fun of other peoples accent, making comments that are rude such as judging their appearance. When people are racist to other people and when they do no treat everyone the same. This can make other people to get badly reacted and feel broken.

This is why inappropriate language acts as barrier to effective communication.



Culture can be a good mechanism to reduce the impact of communication barriers, this is a good mechanism because understanding about other countries and traditions in depth can make effective communication. Not understanding the things people do can determine how effective your communication is therefore you should try and spend time trying to learn about new cultures to avoid any miscommunication.


People that are not familiar with culture tend to be less aware of different types of behaviour and as a result there becomes a barrier because of the difficulty in understanding them. This could also lower the confidence of the person with disability because they begin to feel as if they are not like everyone else because people struggle to communicate with them.


Someone with disabilities will not be able to communicate because they have an illness and this will not allow them to communicate as well as they would like. Also if someone is trying to communicate with someone with an illness they will find it harder than usual because of the disability barrier.